Prince at home after being discharged from hospital

Prince at home after being discharged from hospital

The lone survivor of the tragic accident that claimed the lives of national football coach Kirt Hector and national footballer Norran Jno Hope, almost two weeks ago, said he being alive today, is “a miracle”.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with DNO’s Carlisle Jno Baptiste, , Joslyn Prince, who has been released from the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), said he feels saved after the accident. “Personally I feel saved to be coming out from something like that … I don’t even know how to say it, I don’t even know how I got out of that,” he said.

According to Prince they left Grand Fond bound for Roseau in the early hours of the morning (Friday April 19, 2013) with Hector at the wheel.

“It was raining a lot but we did well and arrived in Pont Casse,” Prince recalled. “I was in the back seat because it is a two-door Escudo. I then felt a sudden shatter of the vehicle and coach (Kirt) then said ‘fellers brace yourselves’.”

He said it was then he felt that something was going to happen. “Then we collided,” he remembered.

Prince said he remembers “taking their pulse” after the crash and seeing Hector’s head under the steering wheel and Jno Hope’s head on top. “It was just not good …their heads were together and it was just …,” he stopped with a sigh. “I’m trained as a fire officer and when I checked, unfortunately they were both dead.”

He recalled how he pushed the back door open and made his way out of the vehicle to get help with a torn shirt. After he climbed to the road he saw a red van trying to overtake a bus and tried to stop them. “Water was rushing down … it was rough and I forced open the back door and climbed out and then I saw two vehicles, a red van and a bus, and tried to stop them. All I can say is that God put me there he was not ready for me it was not my turn to die,” Prince said.

He described the accident as “terrible”. “If I had a broken bone then it would be trouble … it’s more than a miracle its just … I just don’t know,” he said haltingly.

He vowed to attend the funeral of his fallen comrades and return to the game he loves. “I will be at the funeral and I will be playing football as soon as I am back in order, after doing all the necessary checkups, I will be back to play with the boys Elry, Phorah,” he stated. “Someone is supposed to be assisting me to go out to seek medical care, I just hope that it comes through.”

Prince said he knew someone greater than himself was with him on that horrible day. “I used to pray but somebody else was with me on that day … there is somebody greater than us, there is someone greater than us, I feel great to be back on earth,” he noted.

He said he shivers when he thinks of his survival and he has nightmares about the accident. “People need to be more Christ …like get closer to God, be more Christ-like, I don’t know how I survive that sometime I shiver, I dream at nights about it, I see so many bad things in this world,” he said.

Listen to Prince in his own words below:

Prince surrounded by those who love him

Prince surrounded by those who love him