Jackson said she feels a sense of accomplishment

Jackson said she feels a sense of accomplishment

Janae Jackson, the two-time Junior Calypso Monarch, has joined the ‘big league’ this year in the competition for the Calypso crown.

She told Dominica News Online that she feels a sense of accomplishment, having entered the senior segment of the Calypso competition.

“I feel accomplished…to know that I have reached the ‘big leagues’, you know, among the big people, who are experienced in their own right,” she stated. “And I also want to show, not only to those around me but to my fellow competitors that young people can do it too.”

Jackson, who has qualified for the semi-finals round of the competition, stated that she had always aspired to make it to that level of the competition, and hopes to continue into the finals.

“I always wanted to make it to the finals,” she noted. “That was my first aspiration. According to Aunty Pearl (Christian), of Sisserou (Singers), ‘everything worth doing is worth doing well’, and I kind of brought that motto onto myself…so everything I do, I try to do it to the best of my ability… Everybody dreams of winning the crown, but making the finals is a milestone for me.”

No stranger to the stage, the calypsonian explained that although she did not identify “any major challenges,” there is “more pressure” in the senior portion of the competition, as compared to Junior Monarch.

However, she credits part of her success and enjoyment of the craft to her musical background.

“It helped me a lot… Having a musical background has helped me to appreciate the art form even better, because when you have that appreciation for the chords, and the melody, and the structure, you get to feel the song. You get to internalize the song,” she remarked. “It’s just a whole different feeling when you can internalize the music.”

Jackson urges young people to be confident and perseverant in pursuit of their dreams.

“Follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to express who you are, once it is in a positive manner,” she said. “I commend young people who find the appreciation for music, because I think music can take you really far, especially when you’re prepared and you have that right moment, and that right person sees you, you can go far.”