Members of the Club with Mr. Max

Members of the Club with Mr. Max

The Leo Club of Dominica under the Membership Committee presented a hamper to Eugene Claude McNamara affectionately called “Mr. Max” of 4th Street Canefield in observance of International Leo Day and also recognition of the Christmas season, a time of giving cheer.

Mr. Max with physical disabilities who lives by himself in a one bedroom house.

The Leo club visited him a few months ago and cleaned up his home and surroundings and he Club has taken up the responsibility to have continued follow up visits to assist Mr. Max as best as possible.

The Club hopes that this hamper will aid in providing much needed Christmas spirit.

Another project for the Leo Club will be its annual Christmas party which will be held this year at the Marigot pre school Saturday 20, December, 2014 where the club members will bring Christmas fun and joy to 38 preschoolers and their teachers.