Pastor Peterson Benjamin

A new book geared at helping humans discover the true purpose for their existence on earth has been written by Dominican pastor, Peterson Benjamin.

In an interview with Dominica News Online Pastor Benjamin noted that his book has been entitled “The Cup and its Treasure”.

He pointed out that the book addresses various issues which plague society and will assist humans in coming to an understanding of who they are and why they exist on earth and to fullfill their mandate as God’s people on earth.

“It’s written with everybody in mind however, it has a theological background to it,” he said. “It is from a spiritual standpoint and a number of topics are addressed.”

He noted that the book is divided into four parts. “The cup, Maximising the Cup, the Beauty of the Cup and the Deceptiveness of the Cup and there are chapters that address certain issues that we have been through and how we should go about dealing with them,” he said.

the cupBenjamin indicated that a few chapters in the book deal with building the country and its heritage.

According to him the book was given this name based on the biblical scripture “We have this treasure in earthen vessels.”

“We are that treasure. We are born yes, but born to what? Born to become something and it is important for us to understand who we are, where we are going and who God placed us on the earth to minister too. Your suffering and my pain can be somebody else’s blessing or treasure or their tool to overcome what they may encounter at some point in their life,” pastor Benjamin stated.

The book, which was officially launched on Monday evening, can be purchased at a cost of $35 at local book stores.

Pastor Peterson Benjamin is an ordained minister. He has a Master’s Degree in Theology and is presently the pastor at the Abundant Life Fellowship in Pointe Mitchel. He is married and has one son.