De Pecol plants a tree at Secret Bay

De Pecol plants a tree at Secret Bay

Twenty-six-year-old globe-trotter Cassandra De Pecol made a recent two-day stop in Dominica, along her Guinness World Record-setting Expedition that includes stopovers in 196 countries. Dubbed “The Peaceful Traveler’s Journey”, the goal of Expedition 196 is the promotion of Peace through Tourism by unearthing the beauty of every nation and its people – and sharing this with the world.

During her visit, Ms. De Pecol met with the Minister for Tourism and Urban Renewal, Hon. Robert Tonge and presented him with the Credo of the Peaceful Traveler on behalf of International Institute of Peace Through Tourism (IIPT), for which she is an ambassador. While on island she was hosted by Secret Bay, the eco-luxe resort, located on Dominica’s northwest coast, where she updated her followers with photos and videos from her villa and around the property.

“With the Internet and the borderless communication that it provides, we’re connected to each other perhaps more than we’ve ever been; and I believe that this presents a unique opportunity to my generation to change and unite the world,” says the Los Angeles native.

As part of her tour, she hopes to demonstrate that her generation can create positive, peaceful relations with all countries, in part through the environmental, cultural and socioeconomic of sustainable tourism.

“Tourism is one of the only industries in the world that has seen constant growth over the past 25 years with over 1 billion people traveling in 2014”, states De Pecol.

“By traveling and meeting others and being accepting of different cultures, traditions and beliefs we can break down the barriers of mistrust and suspicion and really start a drive to a better and more humane world where people just simply enjoy and embrace the differences amongst us”, she added

DePecol is also an Ambassador for Skål International, the world’s largest not-for-profit multi-discipline travel and tourism organization. Along her various stops, she also collects water samples from the ocean for the Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation project (, which are sent to US to be tested for Microplastics.

At Secret Bay, she symbolically planted a bay leaf tree (Laurus nobilis) on property. The versatile plant (used as food seasoning, essential oils, fragrant tea) was used by the ancient Greeks as a symbol of victory. The symbolic planting of the bay leaf tree at Secret Bay is an indication that the hotel’s management believes in its mission to promote environmental sustainability through best practices and education. Just last month, Condé Nast Johansens named Secret Bay Best Green Hotel 2016 in the Caribbean & Pacific. Set on approximately 4 acres of land and situated on a cliff-top overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the multiple-award-winning resort is unique in its diversity, with two swimming beaches, the Cario River, a spectacular sea cave and two distinct micro-climates. The property’s six secluded villas and bungalows are nestled serenely within the canopy of Dominica’s lush rainforest, offering exceptional comforts alongside the simplicity of nature.

Secret Bay is also one of just two hotels in the Caribbean to receive the Andrew Harper’s Grand Award for 2015, and in December of that year, Secret Bay was named the Small Caribbean Hotel of the Year in the Caribbean Journal Caribbean Travel Awards.

Follow Ms. DePecol’s journey online at and in social media: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. She is also capturing the trip in a documentary.

De Pecol presents the Credo of the Peaceful Traveler to Tourism Minister Robert Tonge

De Pecol presents the Credo of the Peaceful Traveler to Tourism Minister Robert Tonge