Fabien lives in Perth, the capital of Australia

Fabien lives in Perth, the capital of Western Australia

Another son of the soil had just joined the ever-growing list of authors worldwide.

He is Erickson Fabien, a native of Bense, a former teacher at the Dominica Seventh-day Adventist Secondary School and the past principal of the Temple Seventh-day Adventist Primary School in Wesley.

His new book is entitled “Through Miracles to Ministry.”

Fabien, who left Dominica with his young family in 2000 to take up an administrative position on the Grenadine island of Bequia, now resides in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, where he serves as Pastor of two congregations.

While on Bequia, he developed a strong conviction, based on overwhelming evidence, that God wanted him to enter the pastoral ministry.

Having been invited by a personal friend to study at a seminary in the Philippines, he and his family left Bequia in 2003 with only enough money to get to New York.
There, through a string of providential events and the support of friends, he was able to secure the finance he needed to make the rest of the journey, settle his family in the Philippines, and complete his training, graduating in 2006. His wife was also able to complete a Masters degree in Education.

Almost immediately, both Fabien and his wife were employed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Singapore where they served for the next five years before being called to Australia.

In the book, Fabien traces his journey, not just to the Philippines but more so into the pastoral ministry.

By relating many of his life experiences, including several miraculous one, he shows that God must have been calling him all along but he just hadn’t recognize it; and when he finally did, everything worked out.

He says further that he wants his experience to serve as an inspiration to everyone. “If God did it for me,” he writes on page 16, “He can do it for anyone.”

Published by xlibris Publishing Company, Through Miracles to Ministry contains 101 pages (about 89 pages of reading) and is published in black and white in three formats: hard cover, paperback and ebook. It can be obtained from the xlibris store (www.xlibris.com.au), from Amazon (www.amazon.com) and from Barnes and Noble (www.bn.com).

Hard copies will shortly be available in local bookstores.