President Savarin greets a patient at the PMH

President Savarin greets a patient at the PMH

Spending time on a hospital bed during the Christmas season may seem dreary for many who fall victim to this fate however President Charles Savarin, his wife Clara Savarin along with other Ministry officials visited the Princess Margaret Hospital on Thursday in an attempt to spread some holiday cheer.

Health Minister Julius Timothy, National Security Minister Senator Alvin Bernard and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Helen Royer also joined the President on the visit.

The President visited all seven wards of the Princess Margaret Hospital, shaking hands and exchanging smiles and encouraging words to the patients and nurses on the wards.

The visit to the hospital is President Savarin’s first since he was sworn in on October 2nd, 2013.

In a speech following the visit Savarin said “it is a distinct pleasure for me to follow the tradition of my predecessors in office in using this time of year to interact with the patients of our island and our country health care workers and to extend Christmas greetings to you all and to all Dominicans at home and abroad. there is no other annual celebration which traditionally brings out the goodness in our people like the celebration of the birth of Christ.”

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