Letter to the Editor, DNO,
I wish again to support the recommendation of Gabriel Christian to appoint a Commission of Inquiry as spelt out below
 “Appointment of a  Commission of Inquiry presided over by a distinguished Caribbean jurist to fully and comprehensively audit and investigate the CBI program and diplomatic appointments in controversy and report its findings to the Dominican public. The terms of reference would include:
(a). Numbers of passports issued under the program from inception.
(b). The names of all passport agents and full disclosure of their contracts of service.
(c). A complete audit of all monies earned under the current administration from the passport/CBI program and the appointment of diplomats.
(d). The location of all monies earned in the past where banked and the manner of expenditure of said monies.
(e). An audit of all diplomatic positions granted, public disclosure of the names of all persons given diplomatic passports and whether any monies were paid to the government or its agents/assigns for such diplomatic passports or positions. Full disclosure is also to be provided to the Dominican public as to the actual benefit to the country provided by such diplomats.
(f). Government officers, ministers and agents to be summoned and made to give testimony under oath as is normative in democracies. (For those of you who live in the US, UK, or Canada  that is how it is done. Do not apply a double standard to your country)
(g). That the parliamentary opposition be granted a member on the five person commission which should include a member of the Government of Dominica, a local non partisan professional and a qualified forensic auditor from a Commonwealth country or the US.
(h). The Commission of Inquiry should be held in public, and televised and otherwise broadcasted, in the parliament of Dominica.” 
I see the result of such inquiry falling into three possible categories
  1. Confirmation of all or part of CBI  and granting of diplomatic passports falling properly within the ambit of Dominican and International Law and the programmes coming out with a clean bill of health.That result would give the Government and people of Dominica the confidence that the system is being implemented properly and in the national interest.
  2. Second possibility, the Commission may find some aspects while falling within ethical, moral and legal bounds, can be improved.
  3. Third any aspects that are found to be illegal respecting Dominican and International Law should be pointed out and if any person, persons or groups have violated any law regarding corruption, improper self enrichment, the matter should be submitted for FULL investigation and the perpetrators whoever they may be should be brought before the courts to repay the ill gotten gains and to restore confidence to the programmes. 

Best regards