Donald J. Trump the president of the most powerful country in the world has agreed to meet with Kim Jung Un leader of the communist, militarized state of North Korea in an unprecedented and largely unexpected move.

The announcement has left both Trump’s critics and well-wishers stunned but opens the possibility for the end of North Korea’s efforts towards nuclear proliferation. National security advisor for South Korea ,Chung-Eui-Yong, announced that Kim Jun Un is: “committed to denuclearization and… pledged to refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests”

This in the wake of months of back and forth insults between the two world leaders. Trump has reportedly called Kim “little rocket man” and “short and fat” among many other jabs while Kim in his own barbs has referred to Trump as a “frightened dog” and ” mentally deranged US dotard”

This move by North Korea indicates a shift in policy from a focus on military strength to diplomacy. The offer to meet with Trump was relayed through Chung-Eui-Yong earlier this week when his South Korean delegation met with North Korea in their capital of pyongyang – a remarkable occurrence in its own right given the tension between the two nations.

Even by just agreeing to the meeting, the first ever meeting between a US president and the leader of North Korea, Trump is allowing Kim Jung Un greater notoriety and recognition on the world stage. Trump may be motivated by this possible diplomatic victory but his critics have been quick to point out that there is also much the US stands to lose.

Trump has reportedly told Jon Karl of ABC news ahead of the actual meeting that “hopefully you will give me the credit”. Raising questions by some as to whether or not the president grasps the monumental and dire realities of the task that awaits him.