Alaskan road before and after 7.0 earthquake, this pic went viral on social media showing that the road was fully repaired just 4 days after collapse.

Alaskan road crews are the envy of folks in the lower 48 (term for the  continental contiguous United States)  because of their lightning fast repair of a road that was ripped apart by Friday’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake according to a CNN report.

Before and after photos shared on Facebook on Tuesday showed just how quickly The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities was able to respond.

All that work took less than four days.
The post went viral as people all over the country wondered why their cities and states can’t fix the “blankety-blank-blank” potholes on their streets.
The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities says it’s harder to pave roads at this time of year because of the cold temperatures, but they can do it.

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