(left)Rex Tillerson and Trump

Trump has announced via twitter that he has fired secretary of State Rex Tillerson. This latest sacking by Trump was not unexpected as there have been signs of Tillerson’s departure for some time now. Reports had been made through various outlets of an embattled tenure for the outgoing secretary of state. News reports have indicated that Trump and Tillerson have been at odds over everything from the president’s temperament to foreign policy.

Mike Pompeo is to replace Tillerson as the new Secretary of State, Gina Haspel will take Pompeo’s old job as the head of the CIA pending the confirmation process required.

Tillerson claims he has not been told the reason for his departure and found out about it via a presidential tweet. The reason for the break-up, as indicated by Trump, seems to be over a disagreement on how to handle the already controversial upcoming North Korea presidential meeting.