La aplaine Scholarship

Daniel Darroux,  the most improved student of the Jones Beaupierre primary school, is the first recipient of the QB Vehicle Sales and Rentals Scholarship.

The scholarship, worth EC$2,500, was given by British Virgin Islands (BVI) based Dominican, Eustace Joseph of Laplaine.

Joseph said he hopes that the scholarship will serve as an impetus to other pupils at the school.

“I understood they have some performance challenges in that school…This may create some competition and or motivation to help the students excel,” he said.

“I am considering making it an annual scholarship… My goal is to publicize it so the students will know not only that they will win it but they will also get recognition from the public,” he explained.

Joseph, a former student of the Laplaine Primary School, is the owner of QB Vehicle Rentals/Quality Buy Inc.