ABLP leader, Gaston Browne wins election 14 - 3.

ABLP leader, Gaston Browne wins election 14 – 3.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has congratulated Prime Minister elect of the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party (ABLP) Gaston Browne stating that it is clear that when things get difficult in the region the electorate look to the Labor Party movement to “rescue things.”

Browne emerged victorious on Thursday when Antiguans took to the polls, removing Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer of the United Progressive Party (UPP) from office. Browne won the polls with a landslide victory earning 14 seats to Spencer’s 3.

Speaking to state-owned DBS radio on Friday morning, the Prime Minister Skerrit noted that he will continue to work with Browne. “I wish to congratulate comrade Gaston Browne on his victory, I wish him well…we will continue to work together; I worked very well with him while he was in opposition and I have no doubt that I will work well with him when he is in government.”

According to him the win was expected based on a CADRES poll conducted. “It is clear that the election results in the region show that when things get difficult and challenging, that the electorates of the region look to the Labor Party and the Labor movement to rescue things. The government was experiencing some economic and fiscal challenges and the people felt they needed to bring back Labor to help rescue things because clearly one would understand and appreciate that the economic situation in Antigua deteriorated to an extent and people felt that they needed Labor.”

The Prime Minister encouraged Brown to focus on the challenges in Antigua since as a new Prime Minister he has a tremendous task ahead of him. “As a new prime minister, first of all there are some real challenges in Antigua that he would have to focus on and of course, on a regional side you have a number of the regional integration movements in terms of the economic union and the unfolding of the various elements of the OECS Economic Union, so he is going to have to pay some attention to this.”

Meanwhile, speaking to the Antiguan media, outgoing Prime Minister of Antigua Baldwin Spencer wished the new government well. “The electorates of this country have made a statement. The verdict of the people of Antigua and Barbuda is one which says that they are willing (to have) the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party governing this country at this time.” According to Spencer, he had already spoken to the Labor Party leader Gaston Browne to concede that the trends showed that his party was destined to win control of the country.