Dr. Lennox Honychurch

Dominican historian Dr. Lennox Honychurch has said that he is “indeed very honoured” that the University of the West Indies has chosen to bestow an honourary doctorate upon him.

Dr. Honychurch is among 20 Caribbean icons who will receive honourary doctorates from the institution’s 2012 round of graduation ceremonies which begin in October and continue through November.

“I am indeed very honoured to have been recognized by UWI for the accumulation of my work over the years in history, archaeology, anthropology and community education. I understand that this is not just for my work in Dominica but for academic involvement across the region which is not very much known about in Dominica,” Honychurch told Dominica News Online.

In a release, UWI said that Dr. Honychurch is being recognized for having, “made significant contributions in the fields of Caribbean culture and history since 1981 and has published several books on Caribbean culture and history.  He was the recipient of the Anthony Sabga Caribbean Award for Excellence in 2011 and in 1987 Dominica’s second highest award, the Sisserou Medal for Meritorious Service to Dominica.”

The release further states that Honychurch has served on several boards, “including as the President of the Dominica Conservation Association, Press Secretary to the Government of Dominica, Chairman of the Dominica National Cultural Council and as Director of Historic Restoration of Fort Shirley National Park in Dominica. Dr. Honychurch has served the UWI through numerous distinguished lectures and presentations on the campuses. He has also served the UWI Dominica Site in the capacity of Advisor.”

“I am particularly touched by the fact that the honourary degree is a doctorate in law, which I understand is related to work I did in my books explaining constitutional and political change in Dominica and the region particularly during the independence period,” Dr. Honychurch said.

He said his work continues at the Cabrits where he is trying to restore Fort Shirley as a centre for ecology and heritage studies as well as a visitor site.

Last year, Dominica’s Cultural Advisor, Dr. Alwin Bully received his honorary doctorate during the UWI Open Campus graduation ceremony in Antigua.