Lennox Linton has been recommended to replace Edison James as MP for Marigot

Lennox Linton

The Nominations Committee of of the United Workers Party (UWP), has voted overwhelmingly for journalist and radio talk show host, Lennox Linton, as the candidate for the position of political leader at the party’s delegates conference in September.

The Committee, which comprises chairpersons of the party’s constituency associations, met in Roseau on Saturday August 16, to consider and decide on nominations for the party’s top leadership position.

According to party officials, 15 out of the 17 constituency associations which attended the meeting, voted in favour of Linton while Ronnie Isidore and Claudius Sanford each received one vote.

The Nominations Committee’s report will now go to the party’s management committee for ratification.

The political leader will be elected at the UWP delegates conference scheduled to be held in Castle Bruce on September 1. There, according to party rules, delegates will still have the opportunity to make other nominations from the floor for the consideration of the entire body.

It is possible that the names of Isidore and Sanford could still surface.

However, a UWP official told DNO that “that is unlikely to change anything,”  as he expects that the recommendation of the nominations committee will be upheld and Linton will be elected political leader.

According to another source, the general council of the party which is ‘responsible for authorising the delegates conference,’  took a decision “to allow those nominated for the leadership by any constituency association to address the delegates from 12 to 1.00pm,” and that may still happen, the source said.

Some 178 delegates from the various constituencies are expected to attend the UWP delegates conference.

The outcome  for the position of deputy political leader is not so clear as according to the UWP official, two names have been put forward for that position – Joseph Isaac and Dr. Thomson Fontaine.

DNO was informed that Ronnie Isidore had turned down the nomination for that position but we’ve since learnt from reliable sources that Isidore is prepared to accept nomination for that position if he is asked.

As has been reported, Joseph Isaac will replace incumbent parliamentary representative, Norris Prevost, as the candidate for the Roseau Central constituency in the next general election. The Roseau Central constituency association, while publicly supporting Lennox Linton for political leader, had announced that they would be nominating Isaac for the position of deputy political leader.

Dr. Thomspon Fontaine has been identified as the next UWP candidate for the Rivierre Cyrique constituency and there were reports that he was among those being considered by the party hierarchy for the post of political leader.

But for now, it appears that if he accepts that nomination, he will have to battle Isaac and possibly Isidore, for the position of UWP deputy political leader.

Ronnie Isidore

Ronnie Isidore

Claudius Sanford 2

Claudius Sanford

Thomson Fontaine 1

Thomson Fontaine