Dear Editor,

In his whirlwind tour around the world after Hurricane Maria, Roosevelt Skerrit visited at least two university campuses and made contact with several others around the world where Dominicans are studying.
The firm commitment from Mr Skerrit during those visits is that no Dominican would be allowed to leave school due to unpaid fees resulting from the displacement after the storm.
Mr Skerrit reaffirmed that commitment in at least two post-maria news conferences.
I am aware that dozens of students including myself applied based on the established mechanisms.
We have not heard back from Mr Skerrit nor the people he has assisting him with this.
Its not for a lack of trying. Skerrit himself is virtually impossible to reach by phone or email despite confirmation that he has received and read the correspondence. The people assisting him have not been replying to students who are requesting an update on their applications.
This is why I asked whether Mr Skerrit lied to the students and gave us false up after Maria.
The reality Mr Editor is that all universities are approaching exams. Some Dominican students have already been de-registered and others won’t be able to sit their final exams when it comes around in under a month.
Wasn’t this embarrassment what Mr Skerrit was trying to avoid?
We appreciate the offer of assistance but such things are time sensitive and promises must be backed up with action. Firm and decisive action.
Many of us are left broke and to wonder whether Mr Skerrit lied to us. Did he make a promise out of the blue? Did he know where the money was coming from for such a grand announcement? Is that how the prime minister always operates?
At this stage, we’d have been better off with no promise. We are seeking an immediate statement from Mr Skerrit, an apology is not too much to ask and the truth wouldn’t hurt.
Dominican student abroad