Imagine an unsuspecting second year student of the State College, being held from the back with a knife at his throat, by a masked thug from Yampiece, right in the college’s bathroom ON CAMPUS, at eleven in the morning.   This is exactly what happened on Monday July 2nd 2018, to a male student in a somewhat secluded area of the State College that is enclosed by bushes leading to the Yampiece area.   What if it was a girl?

This boy fought to prevent the perpetrator from stabbing and robbing him.   Upon fleeing for his life, his gold chain worth over $1000.00 USD with a pendant worth almost $400.00 EC was snatched from him.   Thank God he is alive, someone else may not be as lucky.

Parents you need to know what is going on at the State College.   These stories are not taken seriously enough and many are unaware of those happenings.   Things need to be put in place to ensure the safety of our children.   Whilst there may be one or two security guards, this cannot be enough to man that large compound.   This particular area needs a 24/7 security guard, in the absence of a fence that is long awaited.

Are we waiting on some fatal tragedy to occur, for us to act?   The college has to do better than that!   The repeated robbing of students on campus cannot, and should not be treated “hush, hush”.   The onus is on the authority of the State College to put in the necessary mechanisms in place.   We pay an insurance fee.   What is it for?   Why isn’t it used to provide security?

Please stop being cheap, and use some of the exorbitant fees that we pay to provide security for our students.


Mrs. Lynn C Registe