Man gunned down in Roseau on Saturday morning

Unofficial reports reaching DNO indicate that a man was shot dead in Roseau in the early hours of Saturday morning.

No official police report has as yet been received by DNO but according to the information received the victim was fatally shot in the head.

This is the second shooting to occur in Dominica within a 12 hour period and the third shooting this month.

A man from Morne Prosper was shot on Friday night and taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital for treatment while Ezron Roberts was shot and killed on the 8th of August.

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  1. Tony
    August 27, 2018

    Hello and good evening my people. First I want to offer my condolence to the victim family. Regardless of the issue no one deserve to lost their life in this kind of senseless killing. The last five homicides in volve people who engage in criminal activity but the general public must still feel fearful and we all must wonder where are the criminals getting their firearms from. The Police Department must do a better job policing Roseau,Grand Bay and Portsmouth because those location seems to have an uptick in violent crime. The Police must used Stop & Frisk, The Broken Window Theory and more plain clothes Officer in unmarked vehicles. They must also utilize rental vehicle so the criminal won’t know their vehicles.
    The Police Commissioner must tell us what they are doing to address crime island wide because those events are giving me worries about coming to Dominica for WCMF. I hold the criminals responsible but the Police must do more to prevent such crimes. Am disappointed.

  2. mollocoi
    August 27, 2018

    Pay up PPL, Pay up .. you score you turn over well now pay the troll under the bridge!!

  3. i survive MAria
    August 27, 2018

    morning, i can t beleive people still saying that have nothing to do with politics, come on guys. is crime a fatality !!!! so what ?? it must happen ?? crime rates must increase ??? come on !! is it not the first duty of a government to be able to provide safety and justice for the citizens? what about a well trained and well paid police department? what about a Real court of Justice , with proper budget and proper human resources. what about real minister who know what are they talking about and feel concern about the voter who put them where they are ? we are taking the wrong path and it looks like nobody cares about it . i m sad !! very sad !!

    • i survive MAria
      August 27, 2018

      i can t believe i get 8 thumb down : please explain me why? so you think there is nothing to do against crime guys ?? please explain?

  4. shay
    August 27, 2018

    TRUST yall people who blind by politics to come put labour and UWP in it. SMH…Help Dominica in your own little way!!!!!! I live in America where they say is so called land of opportunity and the crime rate is STILL SO HIGH! St.Lucia in the 20’s and counting. Trinidad is 350 and counting. Im saying this to show that we see these places as places to have better lives and is “better off” than Dominica..yet still their crime rate surpass us yr after yr. Face reality that these men CHOOSE to live such lives that lead to these outcomes. It has nothing to do with gov’t or who running the country…my gosh

    • Country Man
      August 27, 2018

      Your statistics is meaningless when you don’t take into consideration population size. Currently we barely have 45,000 people on the island so I am not sure why you think the US and St. Lucia are good comparisons.

      • shay
        August 31, 2018

        ARE U SURE ur statistic of how many ppl are currently island is correct as well? I am not trying do an amount of ppl to crime ratio. I am making a point that we see these places as land of opportunity yet still so many crimes happen there. so stop blaming gov’t and lack of jobs and whatever else as an excuse for the way that THESE MEN CHOOSE to live their lives.

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  5. DA Fails
    August 27, 2018

    Grandbay man want to shoot and kill Roseau man for chain when they come up there as if is they alone that have gunman, what goes around comes around #kARMA

  6. Black_pudding
    August 27, 2018

    Until there is justice, there can be no peace. When murderers get to walk the streets on bail all the time so, what you expect? RIP to my fallen brothers. I feel for them and their families, for real for real.

  7. jinjin
    August 27, 2018

    This has nothing to do with Skerrit,what allu think nuh,humble allu selves and stop blame the man.

    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      August 27, 2018

      But it’s Skerritt who has an incompetent joker serving as police chief in the country. Who else do you want us to blame?

  8. Sama
    August 27, 2018

    They need to bring back hand that’s not good da two small

  9. A_DAMassive
    August 27, 2018

    It is really unfortunate that such unmitigated criminal activity is continuing to display itself in a country with such a small population and limited economic growth – increased criminal activity is usually a negative side effect of development-, and there seems to be no will or determination by law enforcement to alter this trajectory. There have been so many unsolved murders in Possie alone, leaving one with the impression that criminals are, by default, led to believe, and understand that being held responsible for such acts are simply nonexistent.

    Does it have to do with politics, or due to weaknesses and inability of the prosecutorial capacity by both the Attorney General’s Office, and that of the DPP?

    While politics seems to have created a new form of socio-psychology in Dominica, and political season seems to be continuous.. a form of occupation- similar to the Lebanese daily struggles- Dominicans seem to be faced with congruent experiences, but mostly economical.

  10. Vybz
    August 27, 2018

    DNO need to stop reporting shootings we all getting them on our whats app it is bad for the country and makes skerrit look bad.

  11. zandoli
    August 27, 2018

    I am concerned that innocent people might be collateral damage in this gun warfare. So far, I have not heard anything to suggest these are random killings. I can’t shed any tears for people who engage in risky lifestyles and reap the results of the choices they make.

    I do not want Dominica going down the road where homicides become a non-event. But people have to think of the consequences of their actions and act accordingly. If you don’t value your life, I can’t lose any sleep over your demise.

    • nng1332
      August 27, 2018

      At least the shooters SEEM to be good marksmen…so far. I mean it looks like they kill their intended targets but how long will this last. Soon innocent passers by might get shot.

  12. Truth Be Told
    August 27, 2018

    What do you expect, when ministers of government and some civil servants are friends of the drug dealers and gunslingers? Some of our lawyers and ministers even have drug dealing boyfriends! You think this government can solve the wave of drug and gun related crime? The love of money makes strange bedfellows. Birds of a feather, bandits running the country and bandits running the streets, they are the same crew!

  13. jamie
    August 27, 2018

    Dominica is doomed,killings every week now is the norm,Where is Skerrit,man in hiding,Shame how this once loved country has become.

  14. anonymous2
    August 27, 2018

    Who is going to want to visit DA with all of the shootings taking place and no real justice? It is becoming too dangerous. Most of the police go home at night. Safety is becoming a real issue these days.

  15. %
    August 26, 2018

    Patriot Linton and his team
    Patriot Vital and his team
    Leader of PPoD
    Come up with ways/measures to halt this frightening crime situation.
    You all know that the DLP is a lost cause,a “” cannot do”” government. Whatever you all come up with,forward it to Carbon, Blackmore and Skerrit,the three blind mice. Is it already the effect of the departure of Ross?

    • STOP
      August 27, 2018

      Shameless and shameful Lenox Linton aka % must be the the only one ☝️ who lavish praises on ? himself. A family lost a love ? one, give the people respect ✊ and time to grieve. Why do you think it’s ok to induced your biases or political issues. Show some respect only animals behave so low. Everything has a place and time stop ? using people’s situation for political reasons. Linton you are one sick ? puppet, you stated you are a patriot! I personally see you as a clown ? and nuisance. My deepest sympathy to the families.

    • Love U more
      August 27, 2018

      Hey % your comments are degrading to our NATION. Using a family lost to further YOUR political ambition is low. Where is empathy? The walls will eventually collapse on you. You are constantly seeking attention, it’s not YOU or YOUR political fallacies, a family is grieving. What are YOU offering more than hatred, animosity and hot air. Can’t you find something meaningful to do? HOW many houses you have helped covered? My sincere sympathy to the families.

    • Mr. Nobody
      August 27, 2018

      Do you realise how shallow the depth of your understanding is? Your UWP tunnel vision and hatred for the DLP obviously manifest themselves in such ignorant statements. Those of you who have children are well aware of the fact that training a child in the way he should go by no means guarantees that he/she will follow your instructions. If anything they hardly do, so does that mean you as a parent is to be blamed when they become criminals? Based on the scenario presented I’m sure the answer would be no, then why is any government to be blamed for the criminal activities of your children?

  16. %
    August 26, 2018

    Skerrit and Blackmore,why not engage the opposition,on the way forward,since you all are “”cannot do”” people .
    This is getting out of hand.. Stop thinking of rigging elections,put the citizens safety on the front burner .

    • Mr. Nobody
      August 30, 2018

      An unpatriotic uneducated so called leader (Lennox Linton-the novice kicked out of high school) has nothing to offer to Dominica but confusion, insighting violence (Salisbury riots, Roseau burning down etc). There is nothing patriotic about anyone who continously goes out of his way seeking to tarnish the reputation of my beloved Dominica on internation and social media trying to give the world the impression that my hard working educated Prime Minsiter Dr. Roosvelt Skerrit and the government is a criminal enterprise, in an effort to sabotage any efforts by this government to attract foreign investment and resources to help develop this nation. Leadership qualities do not manifest themselves in strategic plans to destabilize and bring to economic ruin a nation whom one claims to love so much, ONLY to achieve one’s personal and slefish objectives of becoming prime minister. The world lsitens no wonder Ross did not return.

  17. Hurricane Skerrit
    August 26, 2018

    under Skerrit’s post Maria farmers compensation program, folks that only planted ganja got money as long as they were laborite whereas real farmers that lost their plantains, bananas, dasheen etc got nothing especially if they were workers or unspoken laborite. With all these crimes we’ve had since Maria I would not be surprised that these guns and other weapons plus unlicensed bikes are fruits of Skerrit’s hurricane Maria money.

  18. Sisserou
    August 26, 2018

    Legalize the ganja…. Now lets see what happens.

  19. Barack
    August 26, 2018

    Admin an official report was aird on dbs on Saturday morning they gave the name of both individuals it was done by inspector m.cuffy Curtis Mathew interview him.

    ADMIN: An official statement or release (from the police) has not been provided to DNO.

  20. Shabin
    August 26, 2018

    Don what spam if I waz a UWP it would gone through

  21. Shabin
    August 26, 2018

    They need a category 6 to wipe out all bad boys

  22. RBD Cenema
    August 26, 2018

    Here we go again; Dominica under Skerrit is like a Theater hall where all we hearing of is another man was gunned down. Every blessed day is the same old bad news. Are we in a movie hall and all they do is replay the same old deadly movie or this is real stuff? The sad thing is, some innocent people are grieving and regretting that their son was either the victim or the killer and as such, my heart reach out to them and pray God’s strength and courage over them

  23. Ibo France
    August 26, 2018

    Most heart-felt condolences to the family of the deceased. The gun violence is occurring much too often. Serious measures should be put in place by the legislators and the security forces to arrest this frequent gun play. The government and the police must not wait until the horses have bolted the stable to introduce new practical initiatives to lower or stamp out these often shootings. Crime affects every body, it does not discriminate. Therefore it will take the collective efforts of every citizen and legal resident to reduce it to negligible levels..

  24. Stobborn Facts
    August 26, 2018

    But I am not surprised you know. What do you expect when for the last 5 years Dominica has imported more illegal guns than we have legally exported bananas which was our number 1 income earner? I hope that is not a sign of things to come later since we lost Ross, our number 2 earner. we have an evil government so all we rip is evil results whether it’s on Christmas day as was in the case of GON Emmanuel fire bombing or on the sabbath day as in the case of this shooting. Dominica badly needs a change boy. Anyways my prayers to the families of those involved

  25. It's my damn business
    August 26, 2018

    Ross they allowed to go, guns and criminals they allowed to come in

  26. mine
    August 26, 2018

    To many killings with these illegal guns send them lifetime without parole.

  27. Jheri Curl
    August 26, 2018

    RIP B
    You will be missed my brother
    From St. Thomas to Grand Bay
    We love you

  28. My bad
    August 26, 2018

    I am tired of saying rip or wish speedy recovery. This thing is getting out of hand now man. Don’t tell me Maria got us worse man and the bad thing is, I hope these people didn’t get money from the government , while real people that werw truly in need of help were denied

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