The building which houses the Marigot police station 3 months after Hurricane Maria

The Marigot Police Station which was severely damaged by Hurricane Maria in September 2017 is expected to be completed by January 31st.

Police Chief Daniel Carbon made the announcement recently.

“I visited, just on Wednesday [Dec 2nd] gone, Marigot and Wesley Police Stations. Both stations are under renovation and I can say according to the contractor, when I spoke with him on Wednesday, that Marigot Police Station will be complete by January month end,” he revealed. “That is very good news.”

According to Carbon, the police officers in Marigot have been residing in 3 different rented buildings in that community.

He said that repairs to the severely damaged Wesley police station is progressing very well, “and I envisage Wesley being completed by March [2019].”

He said the Castle Bruce Police Station was completely destroyed and requires “almost a new building.”

“But works are progressing on the Castle Bruce Police Station…,”Carbon said. “Delices also is having some work done on the police station there.”

The police barracks in Morne Bruce, he added, also suffered a lot damage.

“But we have done renovation works on 3 of our barracks, 1 other barrack is now under renovation and it should finish very shortly,” Carbon noted.