Some of the staff and Board of Directors of Power of 8

Some of the staff and Board of Directors of Power of 8

The Power of 8, a marketing advisory company, has been established in Dominica to benefit locals living on island and abroad.

The eighteen member company is located in Jolly Lane, Goodwill.

A pre-launch of the company was recently held in the conference room at the National Development Foundation of Dominica (NDFD).

One of the founders and director of the three month old business, Nijah Hilaire, told Dominica News Online that the company’s aim is to market local businesses and products from Dominica.

“We have a platform for people who manufacture and produce anything in Dominica to actually sell it online to the world,” Hilaire said. “On the site we advertise for businesses for free and in return we ask that they give discounts back to the consumers as long as the consumers are members with the Power of 8.”

According to him, the company provides a website where businesses are being advertised for free.

“We also have an APP that we have all the business information that we advertise for, including telephone number, email address…,” he said.

“The website also has a trade page where Dominicans can sell various items, such as phones, cars, scooters, whatever they want to advertise locally in Dominica,” he explained.

Hilaire continued, “We make money through different paid features that we have…we also make small business business plans,  we do business cards and you can actually have a page on our website to sell whatever product you have.”

When asked what motivated him to introduce the Power of 8, Hilaire responded, “customer service is one of the things I see lacking and consumer rights …I found out that consumers don’t have too much rights in Dominica so I was kind of concerned about that, and in order for me to explain to the companies or business about the consumer I figured the best way to go about it is, by having a marketing business where we do the research on the consumer for the local businesses on what they like and what they don’t like.”

He added that a lot of businesses here don’t facilitate feedback or customer complaints.

For businesses that would like to advertise for free on the website, “It’s a $10,000- $15,000 service that we give them… normally they pay for a year, so we just ask that they give a discount,” Hilaire said, adding, “They don’t have to become a member or anything, once you give discounts to our members we will advertise for you.”

More information can be accessed from the company’s website: