PiNG!net, Marpin’s broadband Internet service, has taken off and to reward customers who have signed up, the Company is offering each customer a chance to get free monthly Internet service.

Beginning immediately, all PiNG!net customers will receive one month free service for every 3 persons that they sign up.  Marie-Antoinette Mora, Marpin’s Public Relations Representative, said the Company is rewarding its customers in a big way.  “It’s Marpin’s way of saying thank you to our customers for the confidence that they have in us and our ability to provide that portal to the world which has become such a great part of our lives.  The Internet has become a mainstream information tool for students, businesses, everyone and we want to close the digital gap that exists so that everyone can benefit from the World Wide Web.”

Application forms are available at Marpin, FoneShack in Roseau and N2N in Pottersville. PiNG!net customers simply have to get their friends to sign up, fill out their own contact details in the referral area at the bottom of the form and hand it into Marpin’s office in Roseau or Portsmouth.  Once three of their friends are signed up and installed, they will reap the rewards of the ‘3 Means Free’ programme.  “Everyone can benefit from PiNG!net’s ‘3 Means Free’ offer. Imagine getting three month’s free Internet service by just signing up nine of your family members and friends or free Internet service for half the year by just signing up 18 people and then those that you’ve signed up can then get free service by spreading the word about PiNG!net and getting their friends and family to sign up.  Soon everyone will be logging on with PiNG!net and we want that because the people of Dominica deserve a quality broadband service,” she explained.

The referral service is just another innovative way that the new Marpin has used to engage customers over the last year and a half.  PiNG!net, the fastest personal broadband on island, was launched in November 2009 and already covers Grand Bay, Pointe Michel to Newtown (including Beau Bois, Madrelle, Morne Bruce and Kingshill) Roseau, Copthall, Louisville, Laudat, Wotten Waven, Goodwill to Canefield (including Canefield East, Morne Daniel, River Estate and Cochrane), the entire West Coast from Massacre to Colihaut and Portsmouth (including Picard).  Over the next few months, the Company will be making some serious inroads to ensure that PiNG!net is available island wide in the shortest possible time.