Chandler Hyacinth addressing Commonwealth Day Ecumenical Service

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Chandler Hyacinth has stressed the importance of building an appreciation for the Commonwealth and what it stands for.

Hyacinth made her observation while delivering remarks at an annual Ecumenical Service at St. Gerard’s Hall to mark the observance of Commonwealth Day on Monday.

Commonwealth Day is the day when Commonwealth countries, which account for over 2.1 billion people in the world, acknowledge their common bonds and the contribution of the Commonwealth of Nations to the creation of a harmonious, global environment.

It is a time when the these countries celebrate a union built on shared values and a history committed to the promotion and exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas to the benefit of all nations.

“I think it is important for you to begin to build an appreciation for the Commonwealth and what it stands for,” Hyacinth said…“We believe there are mutual benefits available to us as part of the Commonwealth.”

According to her, perhaps even more significant for the young audience is the fact that the Commonwealth Day is a nod to our rich and varied history.

“A history which must never be forgotten as our societies become more and more advanced,” Hyacinth stated. “It is a history we want you to be aware of as you forge a place for yourself in the world.”

She encouraged young people to see themselves as an important part of this vision “for even as smaller islanders you can make your mark in the world.”

Hyacinth pointed out, “There is no better example of this truth than the current Secretary General of the Commonwealth (Baroness Patricia Scotland) a Dominican who has shown us that no dream is too big to achieve,” 

She said the celebrations therefore, gives persons the opportunity, to reflect on the ways we can empower our youth to become responsible and successful Commonwealth citizens.

“Citizens who are inspired to participate, citizens who can think outside of the boundaries of their small islands,” she noted.

Hyacinth urged everyone to continue to embrace the values of the Commonwealth for the good of Dominicans and the country.