One of the booths at the ‘Smart Products’ Expo

A national exposition to educate members of the public on the use and functioning of Smart Products opened here this morning (Friday March 15).

The activity which is being held at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium forms part of the observance of ‘Consumer Rights Day’ and is organized by the Ministry of Trade in conjunction with the Dominica Consumer Protection Association.

The Ministry of Trade today joins the rest of the world in observing ‘Consumer Rights Day’

 “We have planned a Trade Expo which is going to be displaying Smart products,” Trade Officer in the Ministry of Trade with Responsibility for Consumer Affairs, Zarina Matthew said.

“So the Smart products like the Smartphones, the Smart television, the Smart camera they will all be on display at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium,” she said

According to Matthew, instead of having the merchants in studios [radio or television], they are actually having the consumers meet with their suppliers.

“The consumers will meet with their suppliers and have this direct interaction,” Matthew stated. “Whatever challenge you may have been experiencing, what information that you may want, because sometimes you may want to do something but you are not sure,” Matthew explained.

She said further that consumers now have an opportunity to interact with their suppliers.

Members of the public are invited to participate in the event.

Meantime, Director of  Trade Matthan Walter said  this year the Ministry of Trade is working in partnership with will FLOW Dominica, the National Bank of Dominica (NBD), UWI Open Campus, The Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC), Platinum Security, Domlec, Digicel, Campbells to name a few.

“All of them will be present except Astaphan’s, but they have [made] a donation,” he revealed.

A number of students were present at Friday morning’s opening as schools across the island were invited to attend.

The Expo started at 10:00 o’clock this morning and will continue until 6:00 pm today.