A mother's Cry picMothers are the most resilient beings on Earth, and their power is best seen when they must protect their young, and when they are in love with life. From time immemorial, mothers have helped uphold the home by taking care of the children, feeding, serving, and caring for her husband, and constantly forget herself. She also ensures the physical and spiritual wellbeing of spouse and children. Mothers will fight to protect her young when everyone else runs away. In our generation, are mothers giving up the fight?

Mother is like a soft cushion between dad and the children. She is the perpetual peace-maker while absorbing the stress unto herself for the harmony and smooth functioning of the home and safety of the family. When she is rested, home is happy, joyous.

Tiredness brings stress on the nervous system and then mothers experience negative emotions. They are most of the times the first to smell danger.

In order to remain joyous, understanding and tolerant, loving and kind, mothers must find time for themselves so they can rest and rejuvenate.

Laura’s story: (name changed for privacy)

“I wake in the morning, and before brushing my teeth, I must make my husband’s coffee because he leaves home early for work. Right after that, my boys must be ready for school, so I prepare breakfast and their clothes etc.  After that I’m already tired, but now I must prepare myself for work.  I drag my body to work and most of the time, I can’t focus. My memory is also affected and I try to write everything, but sometimes I forget to check what I wrote. In those times, my mood is bad, and I start craving all the things I know are bad for me like chocolate, KFC, coca cola, etc. and on top of that, icy cold water or juice.  When I am like that, I can see my family suffering, but there is nothing I can do. I feel helpless. I know that I need to regain my strength and fast. When I am rested, my body functions well, my mind is clear, alert and stable. I can take the stress of my husband, and the children without being too affected by it.

In the past my husband would help me at home with the chores and with the children’s homework. I had more time to be rested and to be more available to them. But most of the time he comes home drunk from visiting his friends. He used to help when we first got married, but some of his friends called him names and made him feel bad even while I had a new born baby. I used to be slim, but now I am obese and suffer from several chronic illnesses, the best thing my husband found to do was find himself someone younger. I used to cry every day. I felt so betrayed.  I live alone now with the 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.

When I started meditating 5 months ago, I had nowhere to turn. I was told by everyone I asked for their opinion on TM that it was the worst thing to do. I prayed about it and one day, I woke up just knowing what to do. I went to the Centre and started and never regretted it.  I wasted 9 years in fear of meditating, but now, it has provided me with answers that no one could give me. The solutions come from within my own mind, especially when I am calm. I can now talk to God and he responds. It’s that simple. In the past, My boys, 15 and 13 used to make me talk till I get tired to have their own way. My daughter would talk back and I would shout. I would pray to God, but would always end up drifting or having a string of negative thoughts and had to stop. They seemed to come especially when I started to pray. Since I started meditating, my mind is much clearer, I feel healthier, have lost a few pounds and feel better about myself. I have stopped shouting at my children and they listen to me more. We meditate together. The home is calm again. My mind is clear, I can focus at work and finish whatever I start.  I also feel the need now to pray with my children so we pray together. Church has taken new meaning for me now and we all go together each Sunday. No questions asked.  With meditation, I feel so peaceful that even when there is a situation that would have angered me in the past, I am surprised that I am not reacting negatively. My children notice also and it makes them happy.’

Laura is not alone in her situation. I have interviewed many mothers who have similar stories and they are getting help from within themselves when they learn to simply settle down and experience their own inner silence.

If a mother would like to get rid of the stresses that bother her, one of the things she can do to regain her inner peace is meditate. Transcendental Meditation twice a day, morning and evening would help her eliminate the stress and regain her authority in the home.  It is on the bases of her own inner peace that her strength lies. A calm mother finds it easy and effortless to manage the home while remaining calm. Such a mother will correct the children with love, and be emotionally available to both children and spouse. She will find time for herself, because she knows that her calmness depends on how rested she is. With meditation, her emotional disturbance or imbalance would be relieved and eliminated.

When children go astray, parents suffer. Mothers suffer the most though. They quickly fall sick, victims of one chronic illness or the other. Almost every chronic illness has an emotional component. This emotional component can easily be balanced with Transcendental Meditation and Ayurvedic Treatments for Rejuvenation. With greater balance, the symptoms begin to dissipate, so you can help your medical doctor to reverse your illness, but you must create an adequate situation in your body/body connection by removing the stress.

Some mothers are often so tired and stressed that they cannot pay adequate attention to the children. The children feel that lack of attention and after some time, they get frustrated and react negatively, stressing the mother even more.

Children grow up very fast. To enjoy their childhood, you must be rested, balanced and in good health. If you are not rested, your child’s childhood will slip by without you even noticing it. When you do notice, you realize that you have a total stranger under your roof. You don’t recognize your baby anymore.

When there is no harmony in the home, both parents get stressed and on edge. The children feel the total lack of love and will seek love and caring outside the home, on the streets, with friends etc. and of course, get into trouble.

Children who grow up with quiet time, prayer, and meditation in the home are much more stable emotionally and this helps them to avoid the pitfalls of adolescence. Children also need a goal to work towards and a stable religious/spiritual structure in their lives.

Transcendental Meditation, also known as TM is a simple, natural, effortless technique for reducing stress and unfolding total brain potential. It is easily learned and practiced for 20 minutes twice a day sitting comfortably with the eyes closed.

The role of mothers on earth is near and dear to the creator. They have the role of raising the children into responsible, evolved and spiritually developed adults who can do the same for the coming generation. This can only be accomplished in the proper way when individuals are free from stress so their bodies, minds, emotions and spirits are balanced and functioning in coherence with each other. Stress breaks down the mind-body coordination and bad decisions are taken, mistakes are made, energy and problem solving ability decrease. The result is more stress, a vicious circle. Clear minds in healthy bodies would make better and more profound decisions resulting in a better society.

Whatever the situation, Transcendental Meditation will help you to eliminate the stresses, clear your mind and be happier and healthier.  You can share the videos below with your friends.






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