Peace Corps volunteers are said to spend more than $700,000 annually in Dominica

Nine new Peace Corps Volunteers have been welcomed in Dominica.

They were sworn in during a ceremony held at the Fort Young Hotel on Friday.

This marks 50th years of operations of the United States Peace Corps Volunteers on the island.

Associate Peace Corps Director, Ferne Laurent, stated while addressing the ceremony that over $700,000 is spent by the Peace Corps on a yearly basis.

“It was contributed also to the local economy. Volunteers who were stationed on island contribute on an annual basis, over $540,000 to the local economy, through living allowances which is spent on food and accommodation,” Laurent said. “In addition, we use the services of private doctors and pharmacies. Peace Corps has estimated that its financial input into the economy to be between $700,000 and $800,000 annually.”

Laurent said apart from the economic, developmental and cultural exchanges, there has also been romance.

“Many volunteers have found their spouses in Dominica; some of them remain here, but many of them have migrated,” she added.

Meantime, Minister for Tourism, Senator Robert Tonge congratulated the new volunteers and wished them all the best.

He told them the people of Dominica look forward, “to interacting with you and learning from you.”