Don Corriette

Dominica has been spared the full brunt of Tropical Storm Isaac which poured heavy rains mainly on the north and east of the country.

Disaster Preparedness Coordinator Don Corriette announced  that as of Thursday morning no significant flooding or damage has been reported.

“Preliminary reports indicate that there have been no significant events or damage that we can report on right now,” he said. “We are still waiting to get reports from the different ministries like Public Works, Agriculture and Health also from Red Cross if there is anything of significance to report but we do not anticipate any significant damage.”

Corriette has called on Dominicans to continue to exercise caution as a Tropical Storm warning remains in effect for Dominica.

“Remember we are in the hurricane season and so the Atlantic Basin is very active at this time and we are likely to receive impact of Tropical Waves or just systems moving across the Atlantic,” Corriette warned.

Dominicans were placed in preparation mode several hours before the passage of the storm.