Minister Austrie. *GIS photo

Housing Minister Reginald Austrie is refuting claims that the people of Laplaine have not benefited from government’s ongoing housing program.

He told a Cabinet town hall meeting in Laplaine this week that some Laplaine residents have uttered statements to the effect that the community has not benefited.

“It is not true that Laplaine or the south east have not benefited from the housing program,” he said.

According to Austrie, government has built 12 homes in that community for individuals who lived in dangerous areas.

“If you know for a fact we have spent over $15 million around the country you should say thank God your neighbors got a house and yours will soon come,” he said.

Austrie said while the economic situation is “tight”, the Dominica Labour Party has been the only government who had the “guts and the energy and the foresight to tackle the housing need of the country”.