The Physical Planning aspect of rebuilding was the focus of today’s news briefing from the Office of the Prime Minister of Dominica. Officials Mr Lucien Blackmoore and Mr Kelvin Rolle from the Ministries of Housing , Land and Water Resource Management and Planning, Economic Development and Investment respectively, a well as independent consultant engineer Mr Anthony Burnette-Biscombe shared information which has become increasingly relevant in the wake of the unprecedented destruction caused by Hurricane Maria.

Addressing inconsistencies in building practices and the adverse effect of these irregularities, the failure to adhere to minimum building codes was one of the main factors outlined as contributing to the wide-spread destruction of building structures during the storm. According to the presenters, the unique combination of threats to the Caribbean region-hurricane as well earthquake activity- in addition to the quality of building materials available make it necessary to gather empirical data and review the process in order to move forward. However, Chief Physical Planner Mr Kelvin Rolle expressed confidence that, in any event, a properly built timber roof should withstand hurricane-force winds.

Members of the public are urged to go about repairing homes and building in the proper manner. Depending on the type of damage suffered, new plans and drawings may need to be submitted to the Planning Division.

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