Swollen waters in Pointe Michel

The Office of Disaster Management (ODM)  is advising the general public to exercise caution as they conduct their daily activities.
People in vulnerable areas, particularly areas prone to flooding along ravines, rivers and other waterways, landslides and rockfalls, should exercise extreme caution.
According to Disaster Coordinator, Fitzroy Pascal, reports have indicated that areas over the south of the island including the Bellevue Chopin road and under the Canefield cliff on the E.O. LeBlanc High Way have experienced landslides and rockfalls.
Weather reports from the Met Service indicate that the grounds are saturated from rainfall over the past few days and the forecast is for the rains to continue over the next 24 to 48 hours.
This means that people should be on the lookout for hazards of landslides and rockfalls which are already occurring and possible flooding in flood prone areas.

Landslide at Canefield on Friday morning