Perky Pizza's chairman Curtis Tonge (left), representative Bill Sweet (center), and CEO Robert Tonge at opening ceremony

Perky’s Pizza, a subsidiary of the Tonge Group of Companies, officially opened the doors to its new location at Maycourt House on 42 Cork Street in Roseau.

Speaking at the opening ceremony this morning, Chairman Curtis Tonge praised the support of the loyal customers from the entity’s inception in 1999.

“Today what we are seeing is all because of our wonderful, dedicated customers. Today is yet another milestone in the journey of the Tonge Group of Companies. It is testimony that as you support us, we continue to support the community. We continue to pledge ourselves to nation building,” Tonge stated.

Chief Executive Officer, Robert Tonge, reiterated his father’s words and thanked customers for their long standing commitment to the entity and announced that the company will soon offer delivery services.

Manager of Perky’s Pizza, Rosemary Bunche, encouraged the public to come in, try the products and provide feedback for an overall experience that exceeds customers’ expectations.

“We are only happy when our customers are satisfied and we value feedback from our customers. We want to hear from our customers. We will listen!” she said.

Perky’s International Representative Bill Sweet along with Valentine Tonge cut the ribbon to declare the new location officially opened.