Hurricane Maria’s location at 11:00 am

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has again cautioned Dominicans to treat the approaching hurricane very seriously and take no chances and warned that the State will not allow “any lawless action” in the country.
“The Chief of police will give you the public and inform you of the arrangements for securing the State, its citizens and its residents,” The prime minister said in a statement this morning on Hurricane Maria which has been forecast to affect Dominica later today. “I want to also say to you that the State is also preparing in advance, and we have prepared all of the necessary legal instruments in the event we have to declare a curfew in either the whole country or parts of the country to avoid any lawless action by those who wish to engage in such.”
He said he has been in touch with His Excellency the President on this matter.
Skerrit urged residents not to take the approaching hurricane for granted and to use the remaining time before “Maria” arrives to prepare themselves adequately.
“We want to say to residents who are in flood-prone areas should move to safer locations. Do not wait for the river to overflow its banks and then you try to cross the river or go through the flooded streets. Move to either the homes of friends and relatives or a nearby shelter,” the prime minister advised.
He said the Ministry of Health has fully activated its emergency system and has confirmed that all of its health systems are in place and “they have sufficient and adequate supplies to treat our citizens if the need arises.”
Heavy equipment, he said, had been placed in strategic locations in a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Public Works, the Public Works Co-operation and heavy equipment operators in the country.
“I will say finally that we believe the State has done all that it could humanly do in preparing the State for this approaching Hurricane Maria. The safety of yourself and your families remain largely in your hands, and therefore you need take all the precautionary measures to protect yourselves and your family and property from any harm or danger,” the Prime Minister cautioned.