Dear Mother Nature, I would like to talk to you
As to why you do the things you do

At times you are so humble, then moody the next
Is it because Babylon corrupted you and made you vex
You cry with so much anger, not forgetting rage
I guess we haven’t learn a thing about you with time and age
Why do you switch from a soft, cool, breeze to a speeding tornado?
Then you bury us with a melting volcano
Do you wish to get rid of the ungrateful system?
It sure seems that you don’t care about them
Why do you strike with a force so strong?
Is it because you just want us gone?
Raging hurricanes you send our way
Hoping that none of us live to see another day
Maybe I’m wrong but your history I yearn
Please, Mother Nature, tell me so I’ll learn.
Dear Child, I will tell you a story
From which you will learn about my history.
From way back I remember being pure
My ozone layer, every mankind adored
Babylon came and has shown me no respect
Their science and knowledge they wanted to eject

Into my system, corrupting me so
I’m hurting so much you don’t even know
Animals lived in times of old
Man was rich with silver and gold
From my body they learned to survive
Hardly any sickness, they were strong and alive.
But through your people’s own wickedness
They have made my being such a mess
So when you see it’s raining, it’s because I’m crying
To moisten my body from getting dry
Lest I die

When my wind gets so strong
It’s because I can’t stomach what I see going on
People remodeled me to suit their own personality
So through earthquakes I reshape my misplaced body
The volcano I create to purify the land
Which the Babylonians disrespected with sinful plans
A hurricane is not to cause you anguish or pain
It’s a reminder that I am strong and I reign
That forceful strike that I send so strong
It’s a way of waking you up from that slumber
That wicked heart, that prideful talk, that error
Of your constant destruction to me
Even the other beings and humanity
So now that we have made it clear
To you my Child, please my history bear
Mother Nature is not your enemy
For all I want, is to remain loved
And always see my natural beauty