Tiny, little, squible, feeble creatures

Fat chubby and smiling sometimes they are

But God made these baby boys

Who someday will begin to play with toys


Breaking, tearing, knocking and sometimes annoying

But to the heart they usually bring lots of joy.

The funny, scary things they sometimes do

Yet we can’t deny that God made them too


Boys will be boys the saying goes

Parents, teachers and sitters they keep on their toes

They can make you laugh, they can make you cry

They can cause you to ask, “God why did you make boys?!”


Boys! Boys! When they are quiet and make no noise

You have to look out, you have no choice!

You never know what they’ll do next

And sometimes when they are around you have no rest


Boys! Boys someday they grow up handsome and tall

They invent, they mend, they build huge walls

And when they are ready to pursue their dreams

No one can stop them when they decide to win

Years go by and these boys have grown

No longer little creatures, they can stand on their own

You see them in the office, you see them directing traffic

Then you understand why God made boys, He had his logic


Boys become men and men become fathers

Boys become pastors, farmers, doctors and lawyers

Boys can make the world a safer place to live

So assist them, positive morals to  achieve


So when you see the little boys pass by

Don’t abuse them, encourage them, help them to thrive

Just remember that God made boys

And someday their labours we’ll all enjoy

Dedicated to all our boys

And our men who were one before