Members of the police force going through a drill routine at a previous graduation ceremony

Police Chief Daniel Carbon has said he is pleased with the government’s decision to increase the Dominica Police Force from 500 to 600 officers.

“I am very happy, I am very pleased that the government has moved to increase the police force from 500 to 600…. “Very likely it will be increased,” he said at a news conference recently.

Carbon also mentioned an expansion of the rank structure.

“The government has moved to increase the rank of inspector by 2 and there is also an increase in the rank of sergeant by 14,” he said adding that the rank of corporal has been increased by 6 and there is an increase in the rank of constable by 77.

He also expressed optimism that an earlier announcement from the Ministry of Justice regarding the appointment of an Assistant Commissioner of Police will soon materialize.

“We have in place for some time now, and I hope it’s coming very soon, all the mechanisms have been done to have in place an Assistant Commissioner of Police,” Carbon stated.

He said the graduation of 26 police officers in September 2018 has been a useful addition to the police force especially in Roseau, “because we have been suffering with the lack of man power and the presence of uniformed police officers in the city and island wide as well….but you would have noticed since September [2018] there have been a lot of uniformed police officers in the city of Roseau.”

The Police Chief also pointed out that the police force had its fair share of challenges, including accommodation and the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria to several of the country’s police stations.

“Another challenge for us is the type of crimes, especially gun related crimes, that we have been experiencing and had experienced in 2018, just to name a few,” he said.