Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan said he will continue to stand in defense of the country’s political leader, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

Astaphan, who is one of the Prime Minister’s main legal advisors, was named the Sun Newspaper’s ‘Man of the Year’ for having dominated the news in 2011.

Astaphan said Monday that he will fight his causes and legal cases to the best of his ability.

“Several people have tried their very best throughout the Caribbean to malign me and dehumanize me and vilify me, but these things don’t mean a thing to me. I am doing what I think is right and I do it with commitment and I will continue to do so unless I am convinced that there is evidence as oppose to allegations of hatred and rumor-mongering,” he said.

According to Astaphan, as a trained lawyer and as one of the leading members of the OECS bar, “I know how to smell a rat, I know the distinction between an allegation and fact and I know the difference between a fabrication and the truth”.

He said regardless of what anyone said, “Roosevelt Skerrit has been the subject of a sustained partisan and deliberate campaign to vilify him on rumors, speculations, lies and manufactured stories and if I am to get ‘Man of the Year’ for defending him, then I say thank you”.