Dominican businessman Jerry Brisbane is appealing to Dominicans to stand up for justice and truth as the days wind down before he presents a petition to President Nicholas Liverpool and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, calling for resignation of Minister for Labour Charles Savarin.

Savarin last month called on the nation to boycott Brisbane’s company O.D. Brisbane & Sons after Brisbane sent letters to international organisations expressing issues with Dominica’s use of aid money.

Brisbane, who has been seeking the signatures of Dominicans in support of his call for Savarin’s removal from office said Wednesday that the support of Dominicans will show that they are ready for “things to change in this country”.

“I signed this petition so that they could be sending a strong message to the government that enough is enough, we have had enough of this, and the time has come for government to change course,” Brisbane said.

Savarin has been defending his call for a boycott of O.D. Brisbane, a company serving Dominicans for over 50 years now. Savarin said
Brisbane’s letter is asking international donors to stop assisting Dominica, but Brisbane has contended, saying his letters to the European Union and the People’s Republic of China have asked for a review of the process by which funds are given or loaned to Dominica since some of the monies, according to Brisbane, are being used inappropriately.

The number of signatures on the petition which is to be presented Friday is increasing, and a final count is expected by Thursday evening, according to Brisbane.

He has called on individuals to turn in signed forms and is appealing to those who have not signed the petition to do so by Thursday.