The prime minister, his wife and cabinet ministers on stage with a Barbadian prophet during the concert

How does a Prime Minister and his wife insult an entire population with blatant deception and apparently, no one except this poor soul, has the testicular fortitude to take objection in the written word? For this my identity will not be revealed but if others feel offended and insulted as I do, please append your name and signature to this article and send it to the supreme leader and king of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The people of Dominica were invited to a FREE Thanksgiving Gospel Concert featuring the renowned gospel singer from Nigeria, Sinach, on Sunday November 26th, 2018 in the Windsor Park Stadium. The event was to bring the curtains down on the 40th Anniversary of Independence celebrations.

It is generally understood that in such a concert that there would be supporting artists but Sinach would be the main act and since it was thanksgiving to demonstrate a certain level of unity in the country, the authorities would have the decency to keep the tribal politics out of it.

A successful event would result in political points for the ruling party anyway. But lo and behold, in the most deceptive and insultive manner, the Prime Minister and his wife lured Dominicans to believe that they were attending a thanksgiving concert with Sinach whereas they brought the entire population to an anointing ceremony of Skerrit’s cabinet of ministers by, what appears to be, a False Prophet from Barbados.

The prophet in all his wisdom and vision of the future did not see that Dominicans would feel insulted with the contents of his performance, that he was simply a political tool to advance the political ambitions of Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife.

So how can the Prime Minister of a country so openly insult his citizens? Why does he allow his wife to be referred to as the First Lady when he knows fully well that the First Lady of the Commonwealth of Dominica is the President’s wife? How much did it cost the tax payers of Dominica to hold this so-called Free Concert for which the only freeness is to the ruling party, which benefitted, because the citizens have paid through the treasury?

There is much more to be said about the false prophet and the deception of Roosevelt and Melissa Skerrit, but let me only say How Dare Them insult my intelligence and, by the way, where is the Roman Catholic Bishop and other religious leaders, what are their views on the travesty of that so-called thanksgiving concert or should it be deemed a National Disgraceful Concert?

Let not our political bias blind us from seeing deception, lies and insults when they show their dirty face.

How Dare You Roosevelt and Melissa! I’m not angry but Dominicans should be!