DFP’s General Secretary, Ashton Riviere (left) and Johnson Boston at a press conference on Monday

General Secretary of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP), Ashton Riviere has announced that the party has been gathering a solid team which to date involves thirteen constituencies and the party will field 21 candidates at the next general election.

He said at a press conference held at the Garraway Hotel on Monday that the DFP will be a force to reckon with at the election.

“The Dominica Freedom Party is working, we are building a team and come the next general election we will be there as a force to be reckoned with,” he remarked.

Riviere said that the party has identified and are in serious discussions with people who the party has been working with in several constituencies across the island.

“We have folks we are working with in the Cottage constituency, the Grandbay constituency, Roseau Valley constituency, Kalinago Territory, Roseau South constituency, St Joseph constituency, La Plaine constituency and Salisbury constituency that we already identified persons with whom we have contact with…,” he stated.

According to Riviere, the DFP believe that the choice of candidate in every constituency will be up to the people of that constituency.

“So whereas we have identified persons we expect to work with, who we are talking to who are interested in working with us in those constituencies, the decisions will be opened to the people of the respective constituencies who will choose or will make the ultimate decision as to who their choice of candidate will be,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Party Leader Kent Vital, said the executive of the party has been working hard to bring a message of hope and to prepare the party to contest all 21 seats at the next general election.

“Our efforts have been driven by our love for our fellowmen rather than by hatred, malice, greed, envy, and self-interest,” he said. “Beyond the executive, we have been building a team of capable people, honest people, people of integrity, professional people and community-minded people. We are heartened that the people of Dominica have been responding to us.”

Some of the people that are working closely with the party are Hendricks Pierre from the Mahaut constituency, Cedrick Sookhoo of Roseau North and Jeff Bellot of the Soufriere constituency.

Party leader Kent Vital