Tourism is the best alternative for Dominica to be competitive in the “fierce” global environment, Tourism Minister Ian Douglas has said.

In his remarks at the Dominica Labour Party’s Delegates conference in Grand Fond on Sunday Douglas said contrary to some belief, tourism can make Dominica stand out greater than several other industries.

“While there is talk in certain quarters, questioning the rationale for the investing in the sector, let it be said that tourism provides us with the best competitive advantage in a global environment that is brutal and fierce,” Douglas argued. “We have the assets, the talents and the tenacity to develop and build a world-class industry right here in Dominica.”

Dominica generates more than $180 million per year from tourism, and more than 2,500 to 3,000 people are employed “directly or indirectly” in tourism-related jobs on the island.

Douglas pointed out that some major factors must be given greater attention if tourism is to reach its maximum potential. He called on citizens to find more creative ways to market Dominica as the Nature Island and intensify efforts to increase air access to Dominica “at a time when this is becoming more expensive”.