DFP Leader, Judith Pestaina

Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP)Judith Pestaina says the outcome of the December 18 general elections will not determine the future of her political career.

The previously powerful DFP, fielded 11 candidates at the December 18 2009 general elections, but failed to win any seat in parliament.

“You cannot give up because you didn’t win an election” Pestaina said.

“As I said before, I wouldn’t do like former leaders of the party did. When they lost an election, they went and had a coalition with another party and just forgot about building back the party,” she stated.

The DFP leader believes she has made strides since she assumed the leadership of the DFP in September 2008.

“Within one year having come from where I was, to where I am now, in terms of building up of the party, making sure that the party had an image and took part in the whole political process, I think that says a lot for myself and for the party,” she said.

But Pestaina also disclosed the results of the election did not surprise her. In fact she said, “It would be naive of anybody to think that the Dominica Freedom Party was able to do much better”.

“We have to realize that the Freedomites who put in the Labour party in 2000, 2005, also voted Labour in 2009, so there’s no mystery about that. It is quite obvious that that is what happened,” Pestaina underscored.

“I certainly wasn’t surprised at the outcome of the elections because Freedomites are still supporting the Labour party and it is clear that is what happened,” she added.