dno newsThe Electoral Commission is to meet with the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) on Wednesday after the party raised concerns about Dominica’s readiness for ‘free and fair general elections.’

The UWP says it is concerned about a range of issues relating to Dominica’s readiness for elections and requested an emergency meeting with the commission.

In a letter dated June 11, the UWP told the commission that “we look forward to your response, and thank you in advance for your efforts toward ensuring a free and fair General Election in Dominica. This is important to us in order for our democratic tradition to remain untainted.”

The party said one recent key concern “is the apparent commitment of the DLP to proceed with its illegal activities of bribing voters that caused much controversy in the 2009 elections.”

Other major issues voiced by the UWP include cleansing of the voters list, multi purpose voter ID cards and the operations of Registering Officers in specific constituencies.

The Electoral Commission has responded and has agreed to meet with a UWP delegation.

The meeting is to begin at 4:00 pm.