Williams is a former leader of the UWP

Former Political Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Earl Williams, has shot down claims by hotelier Sam Raphael that the party sold diplomatic passports to obtain funds for its election campaign in 2005 and 2009.

Speaking on Q95’s The Hot Seat on Thursday morning Williams stated there is no “nexus” between any funds received by Raphael on behalf of the party and the sale of diplomatic passports.

According to the dictionary, a nexus is “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.”

“You must have a nexus between the diplomatic passport sale and all the accounts he says money came into,” he stated.

On Tuesday, July 11, Raphael released a statement which he said contained the evidence that the UWP sold diplomatic passports.

He said there were no MOUs of the alleged sales to six individuals in Switzerland, which he described as an “under the table transaction” however, there were wire transfers and checks which “comprised prominent financial records that cannot be refuted.”

However, according to Williams, the UWP could not have sold passports at the time in question since the party was in opposition.

“The UWP at that time was in opposition, we could not sell, neither could we contract to sell diplomatic passports,” he noted. “That entire story itself is untruth because we could not sell diplomatic passports.”

The UWP has already admitted that Raphael received funds on its behalf in the past but according to Williams, Raphael has not established the connection between the funds and the alleged passport sales.

“There is no nexus between the accounts, between all the monies he received and anything of diplomatic passports, none, even with all the the things he says,” Williams stated. “Even if all what Sam said it is true, there is no nexus between them.”

To drive home his point, he gave an example.

“This morning there I could see you give somebody $100 and I can say yes, I see you give that person $100,” Williams explained. “Ten people can say yes I see you give that person $100 but you might claim that the $100 is for a radio he sold to you. The guy can claim is for drugs he sold to you. Unless he can show the connection where he gave you drugs one day – gave you something one day – we cannot know what the $100 is for. You must make the nexus because you will say, ‘no you sold me a radio,’ the guy will say no, its drugs.”

Williams added, “Money being transferred in itself is evidence of nothing, you must have the nexus … Sam needs to tell us either the UWP stole those passports or somebody in the government facilitated them in receiving those passports, otherwise, Sam is just wasting his time, wasting his effort…”

He also said Raphael has no credibility because over a year ago, he told the UWP that his bank account was allegedly hacked into by a political party in Dominica “and that they have information that they want to use against him and the UWP.”

“That was Sam’s claim,” Williams stated.

But, according to Williams, the party realized that the alleged hacking into the account was a crime and there were no connections between Raphael receiving funds for the UWP and passport sales.

“They had the information for over a year but they know they cannot use that information because they do not have the nexus,” he noted. “They have their legal advice, they have Tony Astaphan…if that information was that credible, Tony Astaphan would be the one on the radio, not Sam.”

He said that if there was evidence to implicate the UWP, “Sam Raphael would not be the crier of that information…”

Williams described Raphael as a “political puppet” in the entire matter.

“They are making a nuisance out of him, that is why he is there giving that information,” Williams remarked. “No other reason.”