PM Skerrit addressing the meting on Tuesday night

PM Skerrit addressing the meting on Tuesday night

EDITOR’S NOTE: On Tuesday evening, the ruling Dominica Labour Party held a public meeting in St. Joseph. A number of government ministers delivered addresses at the event, including Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit. Below is the full speech of the Prime Minister.

Comrades and Friends, Christmas was just a month and a half ago…so I will be very kind and generous tonight!!

Firstly, I want to start by assuring the opposition, that in spite of all the wrongs they have committed against Dominica in the last 13 months, I will not call a snap election on them tonight. …So they can stop trembling in their boots!!

Comrades and friends, I sense that some of you are sooooooo incensed by the irresponsibility and recklessness of the other side, that you would wish for me to do whatever I can to remove some of them from public life….including calling an early election.

But I am not in that frame of mind this evening. My position is that this Dominica Labour Party has been given a mandate by the people to govern this country at this crucial Juncture; and from this WE SHALL NOT deviate.

Back in December 2014, none of us knew what would have befallen us, in the form of Tropical Storm Erika, less than one year later. By this time, in this new term of office, I was hoping to be motoring along smoothly with the implementation of our manifesto promises and building on the solid foundation we laid in previous years.

However, my dear Brothers and Sisters, Man proposes…..but God disposes!

Brothers and Sisters – cast your minds back to the morning of August 27th, last year, when you awoke and found Dominica in that unrecognizable state…. Can you imagine Lennox Linton and that band of political misfits, occupying the seat of decision making at that time?

Seriously, Comrades and Friends, on the morning of August 27th, who, in the Caribbean, the region and the world…could the leadership of a United Workers Party Government, have turned to, for immediate help and attention?

They have made an enemy of every friend of Dominica! Everyone who has befriended us, they have taunted and tormented. Think about it….Brothers and Sisters. The French, the Chinese, the Cubans, the Venezuelans, the Moroccans, the British, the Bajans…..and the list continues. All our friends came to our assistance. Where were theirs? Who did or who could Lennox Linton have called the morning after the storm? He has cursed and vilified 90 per cent of the leaders, countries, corporations and individuals that assisted us. So to whom would he have turned for help?

Think on these things, Ladies and Gentlemen,…..And see what you, Labourites, across the length and breadth of this country, saved all of us from, when you returned the Dominica Labour Party to office on December 8th 2014, with a fourth consecutive mandate.

The regional and international community does not respond to an S.O.S, simply because a distress call is made.

There are countries in the region and the world that experienced similar situations, and no immediate help was forthcoming. Indeed, years after disasters, some countries are still waiting for help and assistance.

We live in an age where friendships, relationships and goodwill matter. We live in an era where the leader of a country responds to a colleague’s cry for help, depending on the last encounter they had.

Journey back with me to the morning of August 27th 2015, Ladies and Gentlemen, and tell me the leader…..tell me the country….tell me the private company….tell me the club, group or Organization….tell me the individual that would have dropped everything, and run to the aid of a Dominica, under the leadership of Lennox Linton, Monelle Williams and Thomson Fontaine!!! Tell me Ladies and Gentlemen. I want to hear!!

Do you recall how Linton bungled the issue of the election of a new Commonwealth Secretary General? Imagine, the Government of Barbados, where Sir Ron Sanders lived and paid taxes, publicly declared its support for the Dominica candidate. The new leader of St. Kitts and Nevis reversed his predecessor’s position on the matter and supported the Dominica candidate. The majority of the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations threw its support behind our candidate.

But Lennox Linton, the Leader of the Opposition in Dominica; the man who wants to lead this country, said to the region and the world, that he had no confidence in the ability of a Dominican born lady to lead the Commonwealth.

Well tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, Baroness Patricia Scotland of Vieille Case, Penville and St. Joseph, IS the new Commonwealth Secretary General designate….and there is nothing that Lennox Linton or anyone in the leadership of the United Workers Party, can do about that.

That issue goes to the heart of leadership in 2016, Ladies and Gentlemen. It speaks to the issue of judgement! It speaks to the issue of competence! It speaks to the issue of understanding global geo-political affairs! It speaks to the issue of suitability for leadership of Dominica in 2016! On all counts, Ladies and Gentlemen, Lennox Linton failed miserably!!! I keep telling you….That boy needs to grow up!!!

So we meet in St. Joseph this evening, against the backdrop of significant improvements in the quality of life of Dominicans, following the disaster of August 2015.

This is the real world we are living in, Ladies and Gentlemen. And I am saying tonight, beyond any fear of doubt or contradiction, that there is no other political party in the Commonwealth of Dominica tonight, that could have occupied the halls of government, in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Erika, and received as much support; as much outpouring of love, concern and genuine sympathy, as did this government that you returned to office on December 8th 2014.

None of us knew what lay ahead, when the voters of this country returned the Dominica Labour Party to office for a fourth consecutive term.
But tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, while we would wish that Erika did not pass Dominica’s way on August 27th, as patriotic Dominicans, we give God thanks for saving us from the ravages of a United Workers Party government, led by the politically obnoxious and highly divisive Lennox Linton.

We are not here this evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, to beat our chests, over all that we have achieved since being returned to office 13 months ago, or, about the rapid rebound of this nation, since the passage of the storm. Several speakers before me have alluded to our accomplishments in various spheres of social and economic endeavor. I thought ladies and gentlemen, the speeches tonight were excellent!!

Comrades and Friends, many of you in this audience suffered loss of loved ones, loss of limb, loss of property and loss of spirit. You recall very well how the leadership of the government spun into action and calmed the fears. You recall how quickly we united this country around a common cause. You recall how all embracing the leadership of this government was, in looking out for each and every citizen; each and every community; each and every family – irrespective of color, class, creed or political persuasion.

So I am not here this evening to list our achievements or detail the work we are doing. The time for that will come!

Indeed, this is perhaps an opportune time for me to indicate to you, the supporters of this government, and to the wider population of Dominica, that very shortly, I will be delivering a comprehensive report card, on the progress of this government in 13 short months, to forge ahead with the mandate of the people, in light of, and in spite of, the passage of Tropical Storm Erika. You will hear it all then….chapter and verse!

So tonight is not about the number of bridges we rebuilt, or the number of houses that are under construction. Tonight is not the night for me to recap our outreach and our tangible assistance to the farming and fishing communities. Tonight is not the occasion when we shall speak about the direct assistance we have given to resuscitate many small businesses and the write off of debts and fees owed by companies, large and small, in our efforts to save them from operational collapse.

Our report card is impressive and would be the toast of any fair and independent review tribunal. But tonight is not the night for that.

Stay tuned to your radios and television sets, and very soon you shall hear when my Address to the Nation will be made, and the measures that we will put in place to accelerate the pace of reconstruction and development in this beautiful country of ours.

Tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades and Friends….I want to do two things.

I want to first thank you for your continued prayers and well wishes. It is the power of your voices, raised in prayers and praise, to Almighty God, that gives me the strength, the wisdom and the determination to move forward with the national agenda, day after day.

It is your calls, messages and other well wishes that help my Ministers and I remain focused, in the face of persecution; persecution originating in, and circulated to the international community, but which is masterminded right here in Dominica. So first and foremost, I want to say thank you and tell you how much I appreciate all of you. You have been marvelous over the past 13 months!

They have thrown every missile at us!! They have joined forces with every known enemy of Dominica and fired their best shots. But, together, as a party in government; together, as a family of Labourites; together, as the leadership of this country, we rallied together, and we have prevailed!!!!

Growing up in Vieille Case, we had a saying that there’s no bite worse than your own dog’s bite. Even if it is not as serious a bite, it hurts you more, when one of your own turns on you. In this instance, the attacks and criticisms on Dominica by foreign individuals are unfortunate and, in many instances, very painful and harmful to individual and country alike.

But the most brutal and unkindest cut of all, is knowing that all the filth that is being written and circulated worldwide about Dominica, is formulated right here in Roseau, Dominica or in the Dominican Diaspora, by persons masquerading as Dominicans, but who have absolutely no interest or stake in this land of ours.

My dear people, when you travel abroad…whether it is in the Caribbean, United States Virgin Islands, US Mainland, Canada or Europe, you can always tell a Labourite from any other.

A Dominican living abroad who meets you and enquires lovingly about this island, or about wanting to invest in this country, or return to this country one day and live out their retirement years – Any such Dominican you meet, is a Labourite! Labourites love Dominica. Even if they are not happy with something their party does in Government – that does not detract from their interest in the welfare and well-being of this country.

They may tell you they’re vex with their Parl Rep or they do not like something that Skerrit said or did, but the overriding theme of their conversation is their expression of love for Dominica and wanting to see it succeed.

Then you meet an individual, who confronts you in an aggressive and confrontational manner. He or she has nothing good to say about Dominica and will vow never to return to Dominica; neither on holiday or to reside. That person, Ladies and Gentlemen, is NOT a Labourite!

That person reads all sorts of salacious gossip about Dominica and rushes to judgement, without checking the accuracy of a single allegation. That person is not a Labourite!

The person who sits and writes on the blog and says all manner of ill things about Dominica and how backward and poverty stricken Dominica is today, is not a Labourite!

The person who compares the road network in Dominica to that of the United States, or the health care package in a negative way, to that which is available here in Dominica, is not a Labourite!

Labourites love Dominica! They are proud of Dominica. They want to see Dominica succeed.

That Ladies and Gentlemen, is one of the reasons; I am soooooo proud and honored to be leader of this great political party, at this exciting juncture of our development.

It is also why, Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel compelled tonight to address a development of major concern to me as Prime Minister of this country.

I have been in public life long enough to know and understand the nature of party politics in Dominica and the wider Caribbean.

I understand very well that persons elected to Parliament on the Opposition side, feel and see it as their duty to criticize. I have no difficulty with that. My motto is simple – they criticize, we construct and deliver!!

For the last 15 years, this government was pilloried, on a daily basis, by opposition politicians, who saw it as their duty not to support anything the government said or did.

I did not agree with that posture and I feel our development suffered as a result of the tendency by some to criticize, merely for the sake of criticizing.
But, notwithstanding our many battles as government and opposition, over the last 15 years I never had reason to question the patriotism of Edison James or Ron Green as leaders of the United Workers Party.

Hector John is not a very smart guy, and his was a very undistinguished stint as Leader of the Opposition. Indeed, during the period that he served, Hector “Spaggs” John will be remembered mostly for making the worst budget replies in the history of the modern world.

I warned in the last general elections campaign that we ran the risk of taking our politics and the conduct of public life in Dominica to a frighteningly low level, with the endorsement of Lennox Linton as Leader of that party.

I did not say this, Ladies and Gentlemen, to score any minor political point. I was never in any doubt of winning the last election, because I knew we had delivered as best we could, and that you, the voters of Dominica, recognized and appreciated this to be the case.

I warned of the danger in electing Lennox Linton to Parliament, because I have followed his flight path over the last 15 years. I spoke with colleague Prime Ministers, for whom he ran occasional errands, and they all related a tendency and capacity to stretch and distort facts. You just need to give him a sentence, and he can make a story.

Lennox Linton is not a politician. Lennox Linton is a tabloid writer who was hand-picked by a group of foreign businessmen to tow a particular line, was he to be elected Prime Minister of Dominica. He has brought no honor or decorum to public life.

I am saying this evening, Ladies and Gentlemen; that wherever there is anything negatively written about Dominica, the shadow of Lennox Linton is never far away.

Many of you who did not take to heart my warnings in the last campaign, have been shocked and alarmed by the seeming onslaught of negative articles about Dominica and myself, emanating from various parts of the world.

A few of you have actually done some checks and discovered many of the referenced publications to be non-existent or with negligible circulation, and that many of the articles are written under fictitious names.

These negative articles, Ladies and Gentlemen, are not coincidental or accidental. It is not that all of a sudden the whole world is interested in Dominica.

These articles are appearing every seven to 10 days, because they have been commissioned by persons acting for and on behalf of the leadership of the United Workers Party.

The passage of Tropical Storm Erika has worsened the desperation of these individuals, and one expects, in the course of the next six months, for these salacious writings to increase in frequency.

You can rest assured also, that the victory of Dominica’s candidate in the race for Commonwealth Secretary General, is also associated with the venom and frequency of these articles.

They are meant to harm Dominica economically! They are meant to dissuade governments, corporations and individuals from cooperating or doing any business with Dominica. These articles are payback for two things: – The victory of the Dominica Labour Party at the polls in December, 2014 and the triumph of Dominica’s candidate in last year’s election of a new Commonwealth Secretary General.

The thinking of the Opposition in Dominica tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, is quite clear. They know that notwithstanding the damage wrought upon our island by the passage of Tropical storm Erika, this government is more than capable of building back, and building back Dominica, better.

Indeed, they know that based on the submissions we have made and the promises that have been forthcoming, the infrastructure of this country will in three years be better than it was before Erika. They know that this Labour Government is capable of attracting the necessary grant and concessionary funding to build and rebuild hundreds of houses for the people displaced by the storm.

The Opposition in this country knows that I will do my utmost to secure opportunities for the farmers of this country. We are going to nurture the increase of agricultural output in Dominica.

I am determined to maintain a zero tax regime on agricultural inputs. I have made clear to the government of Morocco that I need to be able to continue accessing fertilizer at an affordable and concessionary rate, so that the savings can be passed on to the farmers of Dominica.

The Opposition of this country knows, Ladies and Gentlemen, that the National Employment Program (NEP) will continue, particularly during this challenging period, when families are trying desperately to rebuild their lives. We continue to employ a total of 1,047 individuals under the NEP.

They know that we will maintain an open door policy to hoteliers and others involved in the vital tourism industry and that, as soon as practical, we will give the sector an ease, so that it too can quicken the pace of making our local tourism plant better than before.

So what’s at issue here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is not the competence of the Government. What’s at issue here is not our ability to get the job done, and rebuild this country as a shining example to the world.

There is no doubt whatsoever, about our capacity and ability to get the job done.

What the Opposition in this country is worried about tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what the rapid rebuilding of this country in four short years, would mean for their electoral chances at the next general elections. They know that if we successfully rebuild this country in four short years, that we will whip them at the polls again!

They know that if Roosevelt Skerrit and the Dominica Labour Party are given a free hand to implement the party’s programs, every single seat they have will be under threat and possibly lost at the next election. So they have embarked on a campaign of what I will call tonight, economic terrorism.

They want to so discredit this government and its democratically elected leader that no one would want to do business with Dominica and therefore the economy would falter.

Have you heard them hail the fact that the Chinese promised to rebuild the West Coast Road? Have you heard them endorse the pledged support of the British and French governments? Have they congratulated Venezuela for the support and assistance it is giving in the area of housing? The answer, my friends, is No!! They have not endorsed any of this, because it is not what they want. They want everybody to abandon Dominica.

Lennox Linton and his colleagues in the United Workers Party want to be able to go into the campaign next election, complaining that we had not fixed the roads. They want few, if any, new houses to be built. They wanted for communities to still remain cut off from the rest of the country. They want widespread suffering and out of control unemployment.

The trajectory for every single instance, Ladies and Gentlemen, is opposite. We shall build back and transform this country in the next four years….and that is what has Lennox Linton and his co-conspirators, mad.

That is why they have teamed up with foreign journalistic assassins to slow and stymie the pace of economic development in Dominica.

These nasty and salacious articles you are seeing creeping up all over the place are the handiwork of persons in positions of leadership and influence in the United Workers Party. They are bearing all sorts of fictitious names and originating from all corners of the globe; but I am telling you here tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, they are all fabricated right here in Dominica in the lying incubator of the United Workers Party. Understand this tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen; the enemies of Dominica are the friends of Lennox Linton and others in the leadership of the United Workers Party.

Their infantile thinking is that if they can black eye Dominica and slow the flow of direct aid and assistance to this country, the Government would not be able to complete its transformation of the country in four short years.

If they can discredit the Citizenship by Investment Program and make Dominica an unattractive place to obtain citizenship, then revenues would fall and the government would not be able to rebuild the country. Or, the government would then have to increase taxes on the people; making itself unpopular in their sight.

They have reasoned that if they can make foreign governments think twice about offering to assist with the rebuilding of Dominica, then the government would not be able to produce an impressive performance card in four years…and this would enhance their chances of winning the next elections.

So this whole guerrilla campaign they are waging is about better positioning themselves to win. They don’t care about you or your social and economic well-being. They would love for persons to remain in shelters for the next five years. They would love for bridges to remain inaccessible and for the country to remain in a state of disrepair and confusion. That is what this guerrilla campaign is all about.

So this unending series of salacious nastiness that you are seeing circulating all over the internet is the Opposition’s effort at making it difficult for this government to succeed in its quest to transform the lives of Dominicans and the landscape of this beautiful country.

Now Ladies and Gentlemen, if I said this tonight and left it at that, they would be correct in saying tomorrow that Skerrit is only trying to bad mouth Linton and that Skerrit had no evidence of collaboration between the leadership of the United Workers Party and the producers of this filth that is being written and circulated about Skerrit and the government that he leads.

So the question tonight is – how do I know of this collaboration? What evidence is there to support my submission that they are working in tandem? I want to make it clear tonight that I am not in the business of tapping anyone’s phones or hacking into their computers. We all know which party did this two elections ago.

Indeed, I am putting Labourites on notice tonight that the hackers are up to their dirty tricks again.

There are persons close to me, whose emails are being tampered with every single day. Supporters and associates of mine are getting messages from Yahoo and Gmail, etc. that their emails are being tampered with. So we know what the hackers did six years ago and we are compiling evidence to show that they are doing it again.

But my submission tonight is not about hacking….they can pry into emails as much as they like. They can tap into cell phone calls as much as they wish. I am not bothered, because I have nothing to hide.

But what concerns me tonight Ladies and Gentlemen, is what I know to be the collusion of leaders of the United Workers Party with authors of nasty articles being circulated in the name of investigative journalism.

And I will give you tonight, just one example of this collusion. A couple weeks ago, many of you would have seen and heard of an interview given by Lennox Linton to a Till Bruckner.

Till Bruckner was said to be this noted international writer, working on articles concerning economic citizenship programs in the Caribbean for several international media outlets.

Till Bruckner has had nothing good to say about Dominica, or its CBI Program; Till Bruckner has had nothing positive to say about this government, or its leader Roosevelt Skerrit; Till Bruckner did this interview with Lennox Linton and circulated it far and wide, suggesting it was the product of fair and reasonable journalism.

Ladies and Gentlemen, do you know where Till Bruckner, the purported global international writer, has been camped out for the last few weeks?

You would expect that an independent writer wanting to do objective writing on Dominica would want to maintain independence and objectivity.

Well, I am sorry to inform you tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, that the Till Bruckner who authored that infamous article in which Lennox Linton said all manner of evil about Dominica, it’s CBI Program, and about its democratically elected leader, Roosevelt Skerrit…, That same Till Bruckner has spent the last few weeks camping out right here in Dominica, at a family home of an Opposition Parliamentarian.

But furthermore, I want Lennox Linton to tell the country tomorrow morning how well he knows Till Bruckner; whether he is aware of the presence of Till Bruckner in this country; whether he has hosted Till Bruckner at his home several times socially; whether he was instrumental in arranging for Till Bruckner to stay, not at a hotel, as any objective, independent journalist or writer would, but as guest of the family of one of the Opposition Parliamentarians in Dominica.

Till Bruckner would want the world to believe that he is an independent, objective writer. I want him now to tell the world how credible and objective any of his writings henceforth can be; when he chooses the bed of the Opposition in Dominica to rest his head. Till Bruckner I ask you tonight – who is paying you to write these nasty articles on Dominica? Who paid your ticket to come to Dominica? Who is feeding and maintaining you during your stay in Dominica? I want Till Bruckner or any Opposition Parliamentarian in Dominica, including Senator Felix Thomas, to answer these questions.

I am going further to say tonight that several of the nasty, salacious articles circulated globally about Dominica and Roosevelt Skerrit in recent weeks, were first written on the same computer, even though they were purportedly authored by persons living in various parts of the world. But I will not give more information tonight, as I am giving opposition operatives in Dominica, all the rope that they require, to hang themselves.

Now do you understand what I mean when I say to you that these salacious articles being written about Dominica are not accidental? Do you understand what I mean when I say to you that the motive of the authors has to be seriously questioned? These Opposition operatives in Dominica have teamed up with foreign journalistic assassins, to portray Dominica and its leader in the worst possible light.

I cannot understand the logic of destroying a country you wish to lead….

They claim they want to lead Dominica. They insist they would like an opportunity to govern this country. Yet every instrument of governance in this country they criticize and tear down. When you destroy the name and image of Dominica in 2016, how do you hope to inherit and lead the government in 2019? The utterances and actions of the opposition in Dominica make absolutely no sense to me.

People who do not wish to do business with Dominica in 2016, will not change their minds four years from now because of a change of government. Persons who view the Dominica CBI program with disdain in 2016, will not change that view or perception four years from now. What these people are doing to Dominica is nothing short of criminal. They are destroying the name and image of this country in their quest for political advantage.

Well let me say something here this evening….and I want you to listen to me very carefully.

On the night of December 8th when we won the last election, I told my wife and a few very close associates and my colleagues, that that was my last election campaign as leader of this great political party. I had absolutely no intention of contesting the next election as Prime Ministerial candidate.
But these guys have made me mad! These guys have made me angry! These guys are doing damage to Dominica that will take more than four years to repair.

I have now told myself, my work in this country is not complete. Not only will we rebuild this country in four short years, but I will lead my forces into battle one more time to defeat Lennox Linton and the United Workers Party. I want to defeat them badly! I want to punish them for the wrong that they are doing to Dominica. I am predicting here in St. Joseph tonight that we will take back no less than four seats from them. They can fight their wars in the international media. I will fight my war in the homes and villages of Dominica! Is blows they want….is blows they will get!

Tonight I give you the assurance that Roosevelt Skerrit, God willing, shall be back to lead his forces into battle four years from now, or whenever the opportunity presents itself to call a general election.

Comrades and Friends, I view these individuals in the leadership of the United Workers Party, not as clever politicians, but as traitors to Dominica!
They are selling this country out!

They are teaming up with others to portray Dominica as a place not worthy of investment, not worthy of residing, not worthy of visiting and not worthy of assisting.

Years ago this would have been called treason. Tonight, I say to you they are traitors!

I view them as traitors and I want you to do the same as well. When you see them on the streets, in the supermarket, at a funeral, on a plane or even in their cars, shout out to every single one of them – Traitor!

What do you call them? Traitor! When you see Lennox Linton, what do you call him? Traitor! When you see Thomson Fontaine, what do you call him?
Traitor! When you see Monelle Williams, what do you call her? Traitor!!

Every single one of them who join with others to tear down and destroy the name of Dominica, must be called out for what they are -Traitors!!

So tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, I have called the family of Labour here to St. Joseph to say to you…..its fight-back time! We have sat silent for months and allowed them to strut their stuff. They have gone far and wide with this insidious campaign, targeting the economic welfare and wellbeing of Dominica.

Tonight, I say to the family of the Dominica Labour Party – I have had enough!

In the coming days and weeks, we shall unveil strategies to deal with all the lies that have been told and the propaganda that has been promoted.
We shall outline policies to deal with genuine areas of concern and we shall address areas of worry or discomfort to you, the people of Dominica. You are my employer. I report to you.

I have consulted you and you have shared your concerns and dissatisfactions, and I shall report to you in the days and weeks ahead what I will do, as your humble servant, to remedy any real or perceived weaknesses in the governance and administration of this country or any local or international programs that it administers.

This country shall be governed by best practices and we shall never be too big or too arrogant to stop, take stock and address genuine areas of concern. So have no fear, my brothers and sisters. Your Dominica Labour Party in government is strong, focused and united. We are working together for the betterment of you, your family, your community and this beloved country of ours.

It is proposed that in addition to the Address to the Nation which I will be delivering soon, we shall ourselves, as a governing party, take this series of public meetings to every constituency, in the hope of educating and sensitizing residents to what is happening in the country and to the fact that your government is motoring along with its mandate as set forth by you, the voters of this country.

We shall build Dominica better. Have absolutely no fear of that. Very shortly we shall speak to a number of large scale projects that will not only address infrastructure but which shall also create valuable jobs and help stimulate economic activity in the country.

We shall deal with the enemies of Dominica in a very systematic way. We are on to them in a way that they do not even suspect. We will shatter the conspiracy. We will break up the unholy alliance of foreign journalistic assassins and political wannabes here in Dominica.

This meeting tonight is but the first in a series. Fear not, my brothers and sisters, the Labour Party will govern Dominica responsibly, but, as of tonight, it will also take the fight to its detractors here in Dominica and those living abroad.

I thank you very much for coming out tonight. I thank those of you who have followed this meeting on radio and who viewed it via the live stream. I thank members of the Cabinet of Ministers for their continued cooperation and support.

We are focused my dear people. Do not mistake silence for weakness. We are systematic in our execution of policies as well as strategies. Rest assured the battle will always be won by a united Dominica Labour Party. Support your Parl Reps, my dear people. These are difficult circumstances and progress takes time. But rest assured, Brothers and Sisters, we have your back! We shall deliver on our promises and we shall fight and triumph over the enemy.

This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad! Drive safely on the roads, Ladies and Gentlemen, go to your homes in peace; knowing that all is well in Galilee!

I want to say to you that we shall never forget you. Your unwavering commitment to Dominica. Your unwavering support for this DLP will never go unnoticed. As leader of this Government, I will do everything possible to help you and to build this country. You are the reason why I am here tonight and why I will continue to fight for the future of your children. I appreciate the love and admiration. I love you very much. I love you just as my family.

Thank you very much for coming out tonight. Good night and may God Bless you all. May God Bless the Dominica Labour Party and this country of ours.

Thank you.