Voters during the 2009 general election

Voters during the 2009 general election

Prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has hinted that general election is close but he is not quite ready to reveal the exact date, as yet.

Speaking on the radio program, “Focus on Government and Development” on Thursday night, Skerrit said that although the election is due soon, his adminstration needs to see some projects completed before the date is announced.

“Elections will be called when it is constitutionally due,” he said. “I have said to the people of Dominica that they should stand ready to go to the polls at any time. Once you past four years it could be called at any time.”

He continued, “We have about eight more months before election is due but there are still some things that we have to do as a party and as a government. There are a number of projects and programs that we have to bring to a completion. There are some projects that we have started to implement that we have to see blossom and so on.”

The country’s leader mentioned projects such as the Roseau Enhancement Project (REP), the Indoor Sporting Facility in Stockfarm, the Melville Hall to Pond Case road as some of the projects that he would like to see completed.

However, the prime minister noted, the Dominica Labour Party has been told to prepare itself for the day the polling date is announced.

“There are a number of things that we have to still do but I have told my party to ready itself and they are preparing for election,” he said. “So elections are due in the next eight months … we are very confident and the party is preparing itself and keep your eyes on me.”

The next general election is constitutionally due in March 2015.