UWP political leader Ron Green

Political Leader of the United Workers Party Ron Green is raising concern over what he says is the possibility of the  Dominica Labour Party calling snap general elections anytime from now, in their bid to wipe out a number of court matters which they face.

Green, who was speaking at the seventh session of the People’s Parliament in the Kalinago Territory last night, said that snap elections is one of the newest threats to Dominica’s democracy.

“There is a new threat and we have seen signs of it…Yesterday, more signs again in Laplaine – and this new threat is the possibility brothers and sisters of a snap general elections being called by the Skerrit-led Labour Party in the next few weeks or months,” he said.

“A snap general elections to do what? Just one year ago we had general elections. They claimed 18-3 – a resounding victory. Why would they be considering a snap general election now? The main reason would be in an attempt to wipe out the court cases that we have right now – the case of allegations, the case of allegiance to France of the prime minister …and Petter Saint Jean. The case of bribery that we have in the court, the case of unfair access to state media. All of these matters we are told by our lawyers if there is a snap general elections they will be wiped out of the court,” he added.

He urged supporters to be on their guard “because overall our country is in bad shape.”