United Workers Party (UWP) Political Leader Ron Green has said he renounced his US citizenship prior to the 2009 general elections and that he did not acquire his US citizenship “of his own hand”.

Green, who lost his La Plaine constituency seat in the 2009 elections, was responding to a question this morning from Mat Peltier, host of Mat in the Morning on Q95 radio station.

“I did have US citizenship but it was not of my own hand. And [out of caution] I renounced US citizenship prior to the elections of 2009 and I don’t think we should be shifting the topic and getting off topic. The topic is that the prime minister as an adult, as a minister of government, fully conscious, because it had been well known, went ahead and took citizenship of France,” Green said on the radio programme this morning.

It has been alleged that Green currently holds dual citizenship, which would have made him ineligible to run for elected office.

Political pundits argue that it is unfair that Green and his party are contesting Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s dual citizenship issue in the courts when Green also holds dual citizenship.

Queries about Green’s status was stirred up once again when it was revealed by investigative journalist Lennox Linton last Saturday on Q95 that Prime Minister Skerrit renounced his French citizenship on Feb. 5, 2010. Linton alleged that the prime minister obtained French citizenship on April 8, 2003 while still a government minister.

Skerrit was born in Dominica and his mother was born in Guadeloupe.

Green however said he obtained his US citizenship not knowingly as an adult, and that his US citizenship was renounced prior to running for elections in 2009.

The Opposition has called for Skerrit to resign.