Joseph (left) plans to take on Douglas (right) in the next general elections

Joseph (left) plans to take on Douglas (right) in the next general elections

Member of parliament for the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) stronghold of Portsmouth, Ian Douglas, says he’s bewildered by United Workers Party (UWP) challenger, Jefferson James, who intends to turn the tide against him in the upcoming general elections.

At a recent meeting in the second town James, 34, announced his candidacy for the UWP, saying he was willing to sacrifice even his life to bring change to the area.

In reaction, Douglas used words such as  “an atrocity, sad and shocking” to describe James’ decision “to even think” of challenging and opposing the DLP in the constituency since, according to Douglas, the DLP has a record, both in opposition and in government, for assisting the area.

“The people in the Portsmouth constituency supports the DLP because it was the DLP under the leadership of Edward Oliver Leblanc that made the lands of Glanvillia at $500 a lot at the time to the people of Glanvillia,” he said.

Douglas pointed out that Glanvillia did not receive attention  from any government, including the UWP, until the present DLP came to power. “We started resurfacing all the streets in Glavillia and refurbishing the home of the people of  Glanvillia, extended the lots of the houses, build the packing house and even recently, I, as the parl rep, championed the cause of the Glanvillia people being given lots at Promiseville,” he stated.

Douglas said he has no problems with James and he believes the young man has a contribution to make but he is of the opinion that the UWP is not the right organization in which to do.

“I am just bewildered right now that he want to be part of organization that really cannot take Dominica anywhere,” he noted. “I believe for him to make himself available on the UWP right now and promise to lead the people of Portsmouth really is an atrocity, for want of a better statement.

The MP did point out that he takes all opposition seriously, ‘however insignificant they may be.’

“As an experienced politician I take every opposition seriously, I am not one that will underestimate any opponent,” he said. “I believe politics is serious business. You just don’t wash your foot tomorrow morning and come into politics, politics is not a birthday party or a tea party. It is not a joke. It is serious business.”