Dr. Benjamin said he has been a Labourite since 1985

Dr. Benjamin said he has been a Labourite since 1985

He vowed that he is a Labourite and a member of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) but resident psychiatrist, Dr. Griffin Benjamin, said in this general election, he is voting with his head and will be going with the United Workers Party (UWP).

“I am a Labourite. I have been a Labourite since 1985,” he said on privately-owned Q95 on Thursday morning.

According to Benjamin he registered with the DLP in 1985.

“I don’t think I have not lost my membership because I have paid enough money to the Labour Party from my salary to pay loans for the Labour Party that Rosie (Douglas) and the others took,” he stated. “But this election I am voting with my head. I think we need to move forward.”

He stated that he has been rubbing shoulders with those in the hierarchy of the DLP for a long time but “this time I am rubbing shoulders with Lennox Linton and the change movement in Dominica.”

He described as “distasteful” some of the comments made by prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, about Lennox Linton, leader of the UWP.

“When Mr. Skerrit became the leader of the Labour Party and the then prime minister, Mr. Edison James went after him, calling him a little boy with a toy,” Benjamin said. “This morning I heard the prime minister say that Lennox Linton is a little boy who wants a toy. Now I find that so distasteful because when Edison went after Mr. Skerrit, Edison got blows for that and Dominicans rallied behind Mr. Skerrit.”

He added, “now Mr. Skerrit looking at a man saying that he says is uneducated, or whatever, that doesn’t make any sense to me because Dominicans know that Lennox Linton is a very intelligent guy, very articulate, he is well read, well researched and he seems to be a consumate professional, a guy who sits down, reads, organizes. I know that now more than before because I look at the party and its organization towards victory in this election and I say they are sticking to a plan and one person is now leading that match forward.”

He believes Skerrit should debate Linton.

“Now don’t tell me that you can compare a guy who is willing to debate a sitting prime minister of all government’s policies for the past 15 years,” Benjamin noted. “He is willing to say let us talk about what you have done, I will be the underdog, let’s go. And these people are not coming to debate so that people like me can say I have a very good prime minister as my leader or there is a challenger who is better. I think Skerrit could have taken on Lennox in this campaign in a debate and make his point because he has led this country…”

Dr. Benjamin went on to say he thinks Linton is more intelligent than Skerrit because Linton has “so much common sense.”

“I see Lennox Linton by far a much more intelligent,” he stated. “See what happened at Melville Hall. He threw out the possibility of going to Melville Hall and as soon as he saw the reaction, as any intelligent human being or animal, he says, no we must not go anymore, that is going to play into their hands.”

He continued, “so he may not have the degrees… but what he has is common sense and my mother always told me, you can go Grammar School if you want, but common sense beats education, you can get all the degrees you want, if you don’t have common sense you cannot make it. Mr Linton have far more common sense.”

Benjamin said he listened to Skerrit at a DLP rally in Lagon on Tuesday night and he thinks the prime minister has conceded that he is going to lose the election.

“I listened to the entire speech last night of the prime minister and i think he conceded that he is going to lose the election. He says to the people don’t come to me and cry when Mr. Linton becomes the prime minster,” he stated. “Now I found that amazing. You don’t concede five days before the election, particularly if you are the incumbent.”