Supporters of the UWP on Thursday evening

Leader of Opposition Lennox Linton has called for a full public inquiry and forensic investigation into the operation of the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Program.

Addressing supporters at a meeting in Lagoon on Thursday night, he also said the United Workers Party (UWP) plans protest action in the coming days on that matter.

His comments came following a matter involving Iranian national and ex-diplomat of Dominica, Ali Reza Ziba Halat Monfared who was arrested on allegations of being involved in his country biggest-ever corruption scandal.

“We want an immediate end to the sale of Dominica’s Diplomatic Passports, we are not negotiating that, we want it to happen, we want it to happen now,” Linton argued. “We want a full public inquiry and a forensic investigation into the operation of Dominica’s CBI Program from 1995.”

He continued, “And we want the government to stop this business of paying these huge multi-million dollar commissions to a marketer of the CBI Program when Marigot has no hospital, when the people of Dominica have no jobs, when they cannot correct the wave overtopping problem at Melville Hall, but they say that they have CBI money.”

Linton further argued that his party wants the money from the CBI program to be used and go to the benefits of all the people of Dominica.

“We want electoral reform because it is time for us to have voter ID cards and it is time for the list to be cleaned,” he stressed. “We do not want people who have bought our passports to vote in our elections even though they do not live in Dominica.”

“We do not want anybody who has bought our passports and is living somewhere else to vote in our elections from long distance, wherever they are, that is not going to happen,” Linton added.

He revealed that his party plans to hold a series of protest action to further address the issue.

“And so we will protest and we will protest, and we will protest…people say it’s time for action, it is time for action,” he repeated.

Additionally, he said, “When you get educated for 10 years is PHD you’re having and so this is 2017, the year in which it will be no longer be business as usual.”

Linton also believes it is time for action, “to reclaim our country is now…”

Linton waves as he addressed supporters