Opposition Leader Lennox Linton

Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, has called on the Police Commissioner, Daniel Carbon, for protection following what he said are threats on his life and that of his family following an interview with CBS 60 Minutes.

His concerns came after a video appeared on social media of a man calling for an emergency cabinet meeting and Linton’s arrest and execution for “this betrayal that happened on 60 Minutes on CBS.”

It appears Linton is not taking the matter lightly.

“I am calling on the Police Commissioner, you will be hearing from me sir, to ensure that no harm comes to my family because that is the responsibility that the law enforcement has in this country,” he said on Q95 on Wednesday morning.

According to Linton, the video was not something that just came out of the blues and is laying the entire matter at the feet of the Dominica Labour Party.

“This is a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica, this is somebody who was born in Dominica who lives in England and who from England is posting this on social media,” he stated. “It just doesn’t come out of the blue you know, it comes after days of denigrating, days of demonizing, days of dehumanizing Lennox Linton as somebody who is not capable of representing even the animal forms of life and somebody who in the narrative of the Dominica Labour Party led by the likes of Tony Astaphan, Vince Henderson …”

He added, “What the Labour Party is doing through this campaign that is inspired by the CBS piece, is painting a Lennox Linton who really should not exist, who really does not belong among them and it would not surprise me if they are happy when they hear those kinds of things…”

Linton stated that there are indeed threats against his life.

“The threat is against my life, the threat is against the life of my family and don’t know how far into my family they intend to go, whether it just the immediate four of us but I have brothers, I have sisters, those brothers and sisters have children, some of them live here some of them live overseas,” he stated. “I don’t know what is planned, I don’t know how this cabal intends to hurt me. And so I have to be concerned. I cannot just pretend that it is not happening.”

Linton added that he has a duty to protect his family.

“I have a duty to my family, to protect my family to the best of my ability and ask for whatever assistance I can ask for from the powers that be, the police organization in Dominica to ensure that my family is safe,” he stated.

He stated that he has done nothing wrong in the CBS interview but is being crucified by “senior members of the government.”

“I have done nothing wrong,” he noted. “All I have done is embrace my right of freedom to expression under the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica to say what I think is right and what I think is wrong about Dominica and to hope from the criticism I make, from the observations I make, corrections be done to make things better for Dominica.”

Linton said he is taking the threats seriously.

“It will be reckless to just ignore them,” he remarked.